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Fast Ditch Effort

OK, it’s now Day 2 of my abandonment of my juice fast. (Yes, I just needed some way to work that title in.) Just two things: 1. People who rant about how much they hate religious right-wingers (excuse me, "people … Continue reading

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Fast Screw, Screw Fast

Got up at midnight-thirty feeling like crap on a crap cracker. Wandered into kitchen. Contemplated juice. Contemplated blender. Contemplated beating my brains out against the cabinet door. Ate two tortillas with cream cheese and salsa. Felt somewhat better. Drank a … Continue reading

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random link o’ the day #2

Oh my God. I am such a hypocrite, a useless poseur, an intellectual liberal elistist mired in my woeful attempts at sly hipness and nudgenudge-winkwink irony. Now THIS is the real deal: I Am Me Scroll down to the April … Continue reading

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random link o’ the day #1

"You are sixteen, going on seventeen,Baby, it’s time to think!"

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Faster Pussycat

Juice fast: Day One.25 The sage juice fasting advice I read online included this helpful nugget: Between the second to fifth day of your fast, you will encounter a number of disagreeable symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc. … Continue reading

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Fast Company

Juice fast: Day One. I woke up yesterday morning feeling just plain nasty. Heavy, bloated, sluggish, stanky. Determined the best course of action would be a three-day juice fast, which I would have to start the next day (today) on … Continue reading

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Just two, and they’re short: Rhys: (constructs elaborate tangram crane) Papa’s goin’ to be so impressed. (pronounced "impwessed") Fisher: (picks up box of a new sort of fruit snack) "A blend of great stuff." …That’s what the commercial says, but … Continue reading

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