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Fast Ditch Effort

OK, it’s now Day 2 of my abandonment of my juice fast. (Yes, I just needed some way to work that title in.) Just two things: 1. People who rant about how much they hate religious right-wingers (excuse me, "people … Continue reading

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Fast Screw, Screw Fast

Got up at midnight-thirty feeling like crap on a crap cracker. Wandered into kitchen. Contemplated juice. Contemplated blender. Contemplated beating my brains out against the cabinet door. Ate two tortillas with cream cheese and salsa. Felt somewhat better. Drank a … Continue reading

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random link o’ the day #2

Oh my God. I am such a hypocrite, a useless poseur, an intellectual liberal elistist mired in my woeful attempts at sly hipness and nudgenudge-winkwink irony. Now THIS is the real deal: I Am Me Scroll down to the April … Continue reading

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random link o’ the day #1

"You are sixteen, going on seventeen,Baby, it’s time to think!"

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Faster Pussycat

Juice fast: Day One.25 The sage juice fasting advice I read online included this helpful nugget: Between the second to fifth day of your fast, you will encounter a number of disagreeable symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc. … Continue reading

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Fast Company

Juice fast: Day One. I woke up yesterday morning feeling just plain nasty. Heavy, bloated, sluggish, stanky. Determined the best course of action would be a three-day juice fast, which I would have to start the next day (today) on … Continue reading

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Just two, and they’re short: Rhys: (constructs elaborate tangram crane) Papa’s goin’ to be so impressed. (pronounced "impwessed") Fisher: (picks up box of a new sort of fruit snack) "A blend of great stuff." …That’s what the commercial says, but … Continue reading

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New! Improved!

Look at the new things! Wowza! 1. ^ Truly ugly header image. Sorry. I was messing around with Photoshop late, late in the evening, lost everything I did once and had to go back and redo it, and finally threw … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mumsie!

Our extended clan is wicked fond of spring birthdays. Between April 20 and May 23, we have five of them. Actually, we probably have more than that, but I’m terrible at remembering people’s birthdays… unlike my truly amazing, Rain Man-like-memory-for-significant-dates … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Baby Rhys!

On Rhys’ Fourth Birthday:An Exercise in DoggerelA baby no more,Now Rhysie is four.He declares himself "big,"A new thing I don’t dig.Guess I just hoped maybeHe’d stay my sweet baby.No more chubs–now he’s skinnySelf-proclaimed "super-mini!"Now his babyhood’s doneTime to have another … Continue reading

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