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Rhys has croup. How freakin’ 1872 is that? It sounds like something one of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s siblings would’ve died from. But huzzah, this is the 21st century and we have all kinds of modern medicine. So Rhys gets to … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

For the 1,630 U.S. soldiers killed so far in Iraq, and for their grieving families… For the millions of soldiers wounded in this war and others throughout America’s history… For the veterans of past wars who still bear the battle … Continue reading

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I can’t stop thinking about this

little boy in Fisher’s kindergarten class. We’ll call him "Wayne." Wayne and Fisher did not start out on the best of terms. Fisher’s… well, you know Fisher. Academic, rule-follower, anti-violence, honestly kind of a teacher’s pet (go Buzz!). Wayne showed … Continue reading

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So I got out of bed this morning and we had a new digital camera. This one. So if all goes well, I should be able to start adding photos to the blog around Thursday or Friday…

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Five projects in 24 hours..

…huff, puff… can I do it? Would have stayed up ’til all ungodly hours last night working on them, but at 11 p.m., JUST as I was finishing one layout and bringing it out to show to Jim, Rhys woke … Continue reading

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Why does Google hate me?

It’s like standing at the stage door in the rain for hours and hours waiting for the Cure to leave and then having Robert Smith push past you without a word. Or Jack White, which would be infinitely more heartbreaking … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Sweet Thang!

Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday, dear Jimmy,Happy birthday to you!…and many mo-o-o-o-ore… Yes, folks, today my Main Man, my Pimp Daddy, my Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love, my Schnookiepiehuggawugga is turning the big three-nine. Hooray for Sweetie! Hooray … Continue reading

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Outstanding Slavonic Heathen Black Metal!!!!

Hereby violating my one-post-per-day bloggatory rule: Had to share these lovely little nuggets of exclamation-point-heavy CD "reviews" from a death-metal fan site I found: NEW!!FINIST(UKR): Crosses Shall Burn (demo) 4€/5$(Blackened Aryan Heavy White Power Metal with NOKTURNAL MORTUM members! Music … Continue reading

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The Varieties of Religious Experience

Brothers and sisters, I have seen the light… I have turned from my ignorant and wicked ways and become a member of this guy’s church. Our key tenets: Crescent moons are evil. (Really, you must scroll down and look at … Continue reading

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It’s a happy day…

<start Baptist propaganda>And I thank God for the weather,It’s a happy daaaaayAnd I’m livin’ it for my Lo-ord…<end Baptist propaganda> Well, my sister’ll remember that one, anyway. It’s that weird kind of happy. Happy like on the verge. Probably means … Continue reading

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