It’s a happy day…

<start Baptist propaganda>
And I thank God for the weather,
It’s a happy daaaaay
And I’m livin’ it for my Lo-ord…
<end Baptist propaganda>

Well, my sister’ll remember that one, anyway.

It’s that weird kind of happy. Happy like on the verge. Probably means there’s a big bad giant keee-rash in my near future. But WTF, I’ll enjoy the happy while it’s here.

Celebrate with me! Here are some of the silly things that are making me happy today:

  1. My Venus razor. Just popped a new blade in it today… with the advent of summer, it’s back to daily-leg-shaving territory. I feel so smooooooth, so silky… mmmmmm…. plus, it’s purple. And it has a cool little adhesive holder doo-hickey that keeps it neatly in place and out of the rust-inducing puddles in my shower.
  2. Kathy Kaehler! Despite being generally allergic to all forms of exercise and athleticism, I luuuuuv gettin’ down in front of the TV with a good workout video… and Kathy is my new favorite. The DVD’s only 35 minutes, divided into 7 sections, so I can either do the whole thing in sequence or customize the workout to the time I have and parts of my body that are feeling especially flabby that day (They’re all pretty damn flabby -Ed.). Yesterday I had time to do the whole thing… today I just did cardio & abs, plus warm-up & stretch. Happy happy me! Yes, it’s shockingly cheesy. Yes, I love it! I love it! ("Raw sewage! I love it!" …Name that movie…)
  3. Give Up by the Postal Service, especially the song "Clark Gable." Freakin’ brilliant blend of light-speed electronica beats, the sweet emo-esque vocal stylings of Ben Gibbard (also lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie) and unabashedly funky disco grooves laid down by Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel). It’s the plague that makes your booty move.
  4. This weather! It’s going to be roof-asphalt-bubblin’ hot in about two hours or so, I’m sure… but right now, it’s cloudless, sunny, and freakin’ gorgeous. I need to enjoy it while I can ‘cuz it’s going to start making me cranky as hell in about ten days.
  5. Serendipitously stumbling upon the lyrics to "O Fortuna" (Carmina Burana). How fun is it to belt out "Semper crescis/ aut descrescis;/ vita detestabilis" along with the big scary choir?!
  6. The awesome semi-super-secret project I’m working on for Simple Scrapbooks right now… how I love to play with purty papers! Almost as absolutely as I adore alliteration.
  7. This joke: Why did the cowboy buy a dachshund? ‘Cuz somebody told him to "get along little dogie."
  8. The two Cunning Plans I have to make this blog quasi-interactivish in the near future… employing absolutely no advanced technology… 🙂 🙂 🙂
  9. Jim’s rockin’ purple shirt. He asked me if it was making me happy. Yes; yes, it is. Love ya babe. (Ooh! I got a kiss and a back-pat!)

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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2 Responses to It’s a happy day…

  1. Elaine says:

    I’d like to earn some Nerd Points by noting that #8 on Molly’s list (the “CUNNING PLAN!” ) is a clever allusion to the wild and wonderful Blackadder. So there.

  2. Herm says:

    And the movie of #2 is, of course, The Naked Gun. Two and a half? 33 and 1/3? Anyway, one of OJ Simpson’s last great screen appearances before he donned the tiny gloves and started searching for “the real killers.”

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