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Outstanding Slavonic Heathen Black Metal!!!!

Hereby violating my one-post-per-day bloggatory rule: Had to share these lovely little nuggets of exclamation-point-heavy CD "reviews" from a death-metal fan site I found: NEW!!FINIST(UKR): Crosses Shall Burn (demo) 4€/5$(Blackened Aryan Heavy White Power Metal with NOKTURNAL MORTUM members! Music … Continue reading

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The Varieties of Religious Experience

Brothers and sisters, I have seen the light… I have turned from my ignorant and wicked ways and become a member of this guy’s church. Our key tenets: Crescent moons are evil. (Really, you must scroll down and look at … Continue reading

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It’s a happy day…

<start Baptist propaganda>And I thank God for the weather,It’s a happy daaaaayAnd I’m livin’ it for my Lo-ord…<end Baptist propaganda> Well, my sister’ll remember that one, anyway. It’s that weird kind of happy. Happy like on the verge. Probably means … Continue reading

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Sumer is icumen in

And in the godforsaken (but fundie-inhabited) desert wastelands of Grand Junction, this is how we mark the occasion: Jim climbs up on the roof and cranks up the swamp cooler. What a phrase, "swamp cooler!" Redolent of misty bayous, curtains … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough, the tough embark on totally unrelated projects

Deadlines be damned! I made a card instead. And succumbed to the pull of the cute little kraft-covered notebooks at Target. And got pulled over by one of Grand Junction’s finest. But no ticket. Crying works good.

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Rice and beans and rice

So Mexican-Style Rice and Black Bean Bake is on its way to the able home economists at the Bake-Off Institute. Next up: Spicy Salsa Chicken for Two. Go me, go me, it’s my birthday… And in other news: Rhys ("Sir … Continue reading

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Bake Off, ya hoser!

So, in the unending quest to do something completely different and random… I’m entering the Pillsbury Bake-Off. With my "famous" (i.e., a couple people have asked me for the recipe) rice casserole. Need to think of a jazzy name for … Continue reading

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