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Dateline 209: Blogging via dialup

Which is a new experience for me, and not an altogether unpleasant one. Back in the day, Dear Reader, I used to entertain myself during the interminable interval between clicking on a link and the loading of a Web page … Continue reading

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Dateline Hell: Is this heat really necessary?

Ah, Stockton. The heart of California’s Central Valley. I can’t believe I actually grew up here. It’s been over a hundred for days and freakin’ days. Little relief in sight, which is why my crippling workload and I have shuffled … Continue reading

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Dateline Gig Harbor: Allez-allez-allez!

The Tour de France has become my sweetie’s world. Here we sit, the melodious accents of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin drifting through the air… close to hand, Sweet Thang has the remote (to mute those bloody obnoxious "Survivor Lives" … Continue reading

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Dateline Portland: Jupiter Hotel, not Uranus

Uranus. Hee. So we were driving along Oregon’s Balmy Coast (aka the Oregon Rainforest) and I noticed a sign for the turnoff to Drain. Me: Wow. Can you think of a worse name for a town than Drain? Jim: (thinks) … Continue reading

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Dateline Santa Cruz: The redemptive power of clean stinging pain

So in an ongoing riotous celebration of my 30th birthday… …I made the pilgrimage to Lovedog Tattoo on Soquel Ave. to add to my collection of indelible inky markings on my skin. Well, I guess two is a collection. Here … Continue reading

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Dateline Bonny Doon: Let the wild rumpus start!

Here I am, lying flat on my tummy-tum-tum on Karan’s stamp room floor. Shh–listen–what’s that sound? Ah… it is the complete absence of any child-, traffic- or firework-related noise. All I hear is the soft thump of Karan’s feet upstairs … Continue reading

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Dateline Stockton: Happy Birthday, USA!

Oh, say, can you see by the Disneyland lightsPyrotechnics galore flying up through the night?And the rockets’ white glareFlinging smoke through the airGiving proof to us allThat Walt Disney still cares? Hooray for America! We love explosions! The last few … Continue reading

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