This, also that, also t’other

So. Um.

Been a while, hasn’t it?

Somehow it’s much easier to keep up with the blog when I’m going through a period of enforced computer-related activity (vis-a-vis writing the book). And much less so when I’m being virtuous by foregoing computer playtime in lieu of useful things like FloorMating ™ the floor (obviously) and running errands and revamping the boys’ room.

Did anyone else ever keep a journal? And did anyone else ever find that you were unable to sustain interest in the journal for more than two days at a stretch? And did any of you failed journalers ever turn to blogging and discover that the existence of a presumed audience made you rather more faithful in your writing?

Yeah. Me too. Publicity whore. Look at me! Look at me!

So this is what’s happened in the last few days:

1. Book is done, gone daddy gone, all last minute benhams wrapped up and tucked sweetly into bed like virtuous children.

2. Fisher started school. Mrs. Fitzsimmons’ class, yeah baby! I wanted to post a photo of him with his new teacher and classmates, but I turned the camera over to the talented photographer in the family to commemorate the occasion, and he took three photos of the rocks like this:


and zero pictures of Fisher with any other classroom-related personages.

But here he is making friends with the classroom rat (Mr. Rat):


School is so far, so good. I have only gone all Pushy Mom on the teachers once, and that was yesterday when I came in, planner in hand, to announce that I was planning a "Getting-to-Know-You" classroom party in a couple weekends, and would they be so good as to hand out flyers announcing the fact? No,  really, I wasn’t that rude about it. I don’t think. I hope I wasn’t.

3. BIG ASS news, if you happen to be me, and probably totally uninteresting if you don’t. I finished the outline for my novel, currently working-titled The Broken Tree. The first seven chapters are already written (and rewritten, and nitpicked, and annotated for further revision…). The final nine chapters are ’bout ready to go.

And if you’re just joining us here at the Pic-Dem, yes, it is a fantasy novel. But no, there are no unicorns, no elfy-welfies, no thee- and thou-ing, and actually not one whole hell of a lot of magic. Just unexplained circumstances. And next month I’m taking a week (all by myself! O blissful solitude!) and going up to a wee cabin in the San Juan Mountains to finish the whole dern thing.

4. I’m redoing the boys’ room over the next few days. Oh yeah. Bye-bye, hoards of semifunctional crapplastic toys! Hello, well-organized and color-coordinated splendorifousness!

One can hope, at least.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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4 Responses to This, also that, also t’other

  1. Gwyn says:

    Oh Molly, EXCITING Big Ass news indeed. We await the publication announcement!
    (said she who can’t sustain interest in more than outlining her proposed children’s fable). (But the idea is solid in my head). (So that should be good.) (Right)?
    Seriously, that impresses me.
    And glad Fisher’s liking school so far. Great rock photos, btw.

  2. mum says:

    Can’t wait for Broken Tree to be finished. Wonder if you’ll travel for book signings. . .

  3. Mimi says:

    San Juan mountains here or in CO? I’ve heard of the SJ Islands – maybe there are mountains there?
    Congraulations on the book, on the teachers, and on the completion.

  4. Helena says:

    Mr. Rat. Ha.
    I hope the book goes well! I knew a lady who wrote a few SF books, who said it was like finally giving birth after being pregnant for ten years.

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