SAHM I am…n’t

So after the fury that was the completion of the book, I entered into a self-imposed more-or-less total exile from the computer. I checked my e-mail once every day or two.  I wrote the MOPS newsletter. Other than that, I computed very little and blogged (almost) not at all.

I devoted my time, instead, to the worthy pursuits of homemaking. Went through the boys’ room and threw out two-thirds of their crap… dismantled and reassembled, in precise order, the contents of the hall closet… and in a final orgy of tidiness, scrubbed out and reorganized the kitchen pantry. All whilst also setting up the classroom getting-to-know-you BBQ, volunteering to be Room Mom for Fisher’s class and engaging Rhys in various intellectual and cultural pursuits (B&N Storytime, playing Mancala, building with Legos…).


So what I’ve learned from all this, both from my own experiences and from a lovely little book called Confessions of a Slacker Wife, is that housework sucks. Not only does it suck, but much of it is ultimately pointless. Not only is it ultimately pointless, but it has this seductive–if not addictive–quality about it that makes you want to do more, more, more! Nothing is ever clean enough, organized enough, perfect enough. Even if the floor is gleaming and spotless (which it may be for a a grand total of fifteen minutes before the Mini Brigade troops all over it with mud & lightsabers), the bedroom closet should be purged and straightened. Even if the closet is flawlessly tidy, the paperwork on the desk should be filed neatly according to topic and urgency. Even if every last scrap of paper is color-coded and closeted away, there should be attractive handmade seasonal decorations giving the house the air of a lovingly tended home.

So as I say… enough!

There’s way better stuff to do. Like blog. And rant. And finish my novel. And play outside. And hike up Mount Garfield (which I’m doing tomorrow with the inimitable Laura). And share this with you (‘pologies to those family members who received this via e-mail yesterday…):

You’ve heard of fiddling while Rome burns?

Here’s our chief executive, strumming while N’Awlins sinks.
Original caption: President Bush plays a guitar presented to him by Country Singer Mark Wills, right, backstage following his visit to Naval Base Coronado, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Bush visited the base to deliver remarks on V-J Commemoration Day. (AP Photo/ABC News, Martha Raddatz)

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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2 Responses to SAHM I am…n’t

  1. Mimi says:

    That’d go over well on TwoPeas, you Blue stated commie you! (just like me)
    I’d make a terrible SAHM.

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Molly! It’s a bit late to respond to this but I have to say…I thought about your SAHM (or not!) thoughts this morning while cleaning the bathrooms. You captured my housecleaning philosophy perfectly! Now if I could just get my husband to capture it…

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