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…or is that worthless? My blog is worth $0.00.How much is your blog worth? Thanks to Molly Goatwax for the cue. The algorithm ("hear the algo-rith-m of the night…") is apparently based on some complicated Weblogs Inc. formula. Or something. … Continue reading

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…Perhaps particularly apropos in the wake of Bush’s nomination of Samuel "Scalito" Alito to SCOTUS… Rhys just came in holding a clever little doohickey that he built from cardboard slide-together castle blocks: Rhys: Mama, look what I built! Mama: Wow, … Continue reading

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We wish you a Merry Fitzmas

We wish you a Merry Fitzmas,We wish you a Merry FitzmasAnd a Libby-less Year! …Have yourself a Merry little Fitzmas,May your hopes be brightSoon the neo-cons will all be out of sight… …We five counts of perjury are*,Booting Scooter, har-de-har-har.Still … Continue reading

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…Harri-et.Hard-hearted harbinger of SCOTUS. Farewell, Harriet. We hardly knew thee, well, except through your awesome blog, of course. (Points if you recognized that paraphrased movie quote… HERM, YOU CAN’T PLAY!)

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R.I.P., Rosa Parks

In fourth or fifth grade, I was evading my math class responsibilities one day by surreptitiously tucking a book on the civil rights movement into my textbook. (Who needs to know how to multiply three-digit numbers, anyway?) It was there … Continue reading

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Worst. Movie. Ever.

So last night we went out with Trevor & Laura for a two-fer: the local Skillsfest (hip-hop festival) and Member Appreciation Night at the Avalon (independent film/shows venue). Went by Skillsfest, discovered they were running very-very late, headed over to … Continue reading

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Another poem,

but it’s short. Little Brown Nose(to the tune of, well, Little Brown Jug) <–music Ho ho ho, hee hee hee,Tom Delay’s off to the penitentiary.Hee hee hee, ho ho ho,What took him so long to go? Tom had to make … Continue reading

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Pizza of the week, redux

So we went to Pablo’s last night for our Wednesday night courtship ritual, and what to our wondering eyes should appear:   Wow! Our own pizza! We have arrived! (Those of you who saw "Curb Your Enthusiasm" a few weeks … Continue reading

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The Falafel Factor

Hey, did you see Bill O’Reilly flailing piteously on the Daily Show last night? No? What?! Here, you can watch it at Crooks and Liars. Or read about it here (Newshounds). Highlights: O’REILLY: You guys, you just add insult to … Continue reading

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A paean and a Plame-o-gram

The Poet Reflects on Google, or, The Miraculous Corporation that is Also a Verb O Google, you are always swell,You consign competitors to Hell. Your search function works like a dream,Divining always what I mean.You correct me when my spelling’s … Continue reading

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