…or is that worthless?

Thanks to Molly Goatwax for the cue. The algorithm ("hear the algo-rith-m of the night…") is apparently based on some complicated Weblogs Inc. formula. Or something. Really, I just wanted a partial engraving of Geo. W’s (no, not THAT Geo. W!) face on my blog.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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3 Responses to Priceless

  1. Gwyn says:

    Wait. You get this thing and it puts some value on your blog? Mine would probably be in the red, a scary thought right there.
    That was a play on words here.
    Not a red girl!

  2. Herm says:

    Awesome! What can I do to up the worth of your blog? Advertise?

  3. molly says:

    I’m a not gonna look into this algorythem.

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