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Pizza of the week, redux

So we went to Pablo’s last night for our Wednesday night courtship ritual, and what to our wondering eyes should appear:   Wow! Our own pizza! We have arrived! (Those of you who saw "Curb Your Enthusiasm" a few weeks … Continue reading

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The Falafel Factor

Hey, did you see Bill O’Reilly flailing piteously on the Daily Show last night? No? What?! Here, you can watch it at Crooks and Liars. Or read about it here (Newshounds). Highlights: O’REILLY: You guys, you just add insult to … Continue reading

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A paean and a Plame-o-gram

The Poet Reflects on Google, or, The Miraculous Corporation that is Also a Verb O Google, you are always swell,You consign competitors to Hell. Your search function works like a dream,Divining always what I mean.You correct me when my spelling’s … Continue reading

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Hell, I may as well give up right now

Hunter at the Daily Kos offers this lucid, yet rage-crackling distillation of just why we lefty types are So Damn Pissed Off: I have a bee in my bonnet, today, over this very subject [Republicans: the party of treason?]. So … Continue reading

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Not half an hour ago, we said our fond farewells to Papa as he and Grandma headed off to the Colorado Association of Realtors convention in Colorado Springs. I think Jim might’ve been a bit worried about leaving us alone … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude on the sidelines

Are you just loving this? Are you rubbing your hands together in wriggling delight? Is the news bringing a smile to your face for the first time in… oh, I don’t know… seven years or so? The fabric of Republican … Continue reading

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Smeck smeck smee

OK. This is my problem. Every Wednesday night, Jim and I repair to the incomparable Pablo’s for some pizza and some drinks. And by "some drinks," I mean a bottle of wine. After which we generally repair, or re-break, or … Continue reading

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