Grateful, half-dead

Well, perhaps "half" is an exaggeration. Perhaps "one-quarter" or even "one-eighth" would be more appropriate.

Yes, I’ve caught The Ick. Throat-hackin’, head-achin’, neck-stiffenin’ Ick. But armed with my trusty arsenal of Excedrin, ibuprofen, acetomeniphen, pseudoephedrine and every other OTC -en you can think of, I will survive… I will survive.

But even the fog of illness hasn’t completely clouded my brain. There are still enough functional neurons that I can reflect, apropos of the season, on a few the incredible blessings for which I am grateful:

  • My beautiful, stinky, genius, annoying, crazy-making kids. They force me to acknowledge and combat my weaknesses; they remind me to take time to laugh at the truly stupid things in life; they’re a wonderful excuse to reread the Little House books, the Chronicles of Narnia and the entire Arnold Lobel canon.
  • My amazing and totally underappreciated husband. Good Lord. He takes care of me, puts up with me, takes care of the kids, puts up with the kids… and is a ton of fun and pretty damn good-looking while he’s doing it. Here’s to ya, babe.
  • My career, or approximation thereof. How many people would chew off their right arms to be able to stay home in jeans and trainers, tippity-tapping away on the computer and intermittently playing with scrapbook supplies? (Well, I understand that the lack of a right arm might make the scrapbooking part difficult if not impossible, but you understand what I mean.)
  • The Internet. The whole anarchic pornographic profanity-laced screwball-populated shootin’ match. Anything that can bring together the snarky banter of Six Degrees of Aaron, the scientific bliss of Talk.Origins and the narcotic blend of cuteness and cutthroat competition of Kitten War is a fine, fine thing. And even those horrid underbellyish areas of the Internet (are you listening, Freepers? How about you,  Michelle Malkin, you vile skank?) provide an exquisite opportunity to know one’s enemy.
  • See’s Candy. I’d say more, but my mouth is stuffed with dark chocolate California brittle. Mmm. Mmmmpf.
  • Stacy Julian and Lin Sorenson, founding editor and EOC of Simple Scrapbooks respectively, and two of the most incredibly hardworking and inspirational women I’ve ever met. Stacy’s enthusiasm–not only for scrapbooking, but for all of life–is utterly contagious. She takes such an interest in every person she meets and brings an unbelievable level of vitality and positive energy to every project she takes on (and boy, does she take on a lot! Right now she’s launching Big Picture Scrapbooking in addition to her Simple responsibilities, plus raising four beautiful boys and preparing for the arrival of her adopted daughter from Korea). She’s my polar opposite in some ways (she’s LDS and, if I assume correctly, a Republican) but that could never stand in the way of my admiration for her. Lin and I are much more similar politically/culturally, but I can’t imagine being as fit and outdoorsy and generally adventurous as she is. Working with her is such a treat!
  • And last but not least… everyone who reads this blog. Whether you comment or not, just the fact that you care enough to stop by and check out my posts… wow… (channeling Sally Field: "You like me, you really like me!"). Heck, let’s just extend the shout-out to bloggers everywhere. Amy, Gwyn, Nancy, Elaine, the awesome folks at Panda’s Thumb, Mimi, everyone else who I’m inadvertently omitting… I’m so fankful for yooooou… awwwww… raise the glass high, mutha****as!

‘K, enough with this orgy of gratitude. I’m going to go pop some generic painkillers and take a nap.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! See you this weekend!

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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9 Responses to Grateful, half-dead

  1. Mimi says:

    I’m so sorry you are sick, but I’m raising a glass to you – what a wonderful list to read (and in my best Sally Field voice “You mentioned me, you really mentioned me” )
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. elizabeth says:

    Happy, happy post – hope you feel better!

  3. Gwyn says:

    OMG, I made Molly’s blog! You made my day, girl!

  4. queue_t says:

    here’s wishes for you to feel better. take it easy …
    thankful for your thankful list.
    sending you happy thanksgiving greetings
    tamara aka queue_t

  5. Herm says:

    AND you’re soooo thankful for your sister, because she is the ill wind beneath your wings.

  6. Hey beautiful happy Thanksgiving to ya!! Take care ! Hugs Wanda

  7. Helena says:

    I had the ick, but it’s mostly gone now (except for a lingering cough that pops up every now and then–usually when I lie down). I hope yours passes quickly!
    I had not heard Stacy was adopting a girl from Korea! That is so cool! I must get in touch with her post haste.

  8. mom says:

    Hmph. You’re one of three at the top of our list, and we didn’t even make it onto yours. And just WHO sends you See’s Chocolates???

  9. Amy Sorensen says:

    Echoing Gwen: making your blog made my oh-so-lazy Sunday even better! Now I’m off to look up Arnold Lobel…

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