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Where am I?

So my sister came up with this great plan: Fly to California and surprise my parents. So we bought our tickets (thanks, sweetie!). And we conspired gleefully. And then our brother tried to convince my mom to come out and … Continue reading

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Leftist Libertarian

That would be me, apparently. Check out your own political compass. I’m an Economic Left/Right -7.38 and an Authoritarian/Libertarian -8.00. Which puts me in the same quadrant as Gandhi and the Dalai Lama… and diametrically opposed to His Bushiness. And … Continue reading

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a teeny, weeny, tiny bit chilling

So I’m flipping through the new Scrapbooks, Etc. (my second favorite scrapping magazine after Simple). Hm. A feature on scrapbooking military accomplishments. Hm. Well, support the troops and all that… I take a look. The title: "Patriot Acts." *shudder*

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An attempt at “scrapblogging”

…which is a subject addressed at greater length in Digital Scrapbooking 4, coming this month to a newsstand near you. </shameless plug> So for a scrapbooking writer, I haven’t been scrapbooking very much lately. Or at all, actually, except when … Continue reading

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Little girls are cuter than little boys. Not in an absolute sense. But in a fashion sense, an embrace-of-the-camera sense, a conscious-of-one’s-visual-presence sense, they definitely have it all over the boys. As evidence, I humbly submit Exhibit A: (a butterfly … Continue reading

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Scratchings & scribblings

Here’s a comik for you:   Crazy ol’ McBusy day, so that’s all for now. Will try to get photos of Fisher’s class Halloween party (mummies abound!) up tomorrow.

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Mad, mad props to Joe

…for passing along this freakin’ amazing cover of "Baby Got Back." Oh. My. God. World’s best hip-hop cover, ever Enjoy. Hell, revel.

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