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Child psychology

So remember how I’m "too silly to play?" Yeah. My kids have spent the last half-hour tearing around the house (nothing new there) playing a new game: you roll (or, preferably, fling or kick) a die. And whichever number comes … Continue reading

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On play and playing

It’s Wednesday, which means when Rhys crawls into my bed at oh-dark-thirty in the morning and asks "Mama, is it a school day?" I answer "No, sweetie, it’s a stay-home day." Which means that we spend the day together doing … Continue reading

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Friendless, brainless, hopeless, helpless

Unemployed. In Greenland. Ever have one of those days? I think it’s a function of having so many projects 80% done, yet being unable to find the wherewithal to finish any of them. The Christmas cards are 80% done. I’ve … Continue reading

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A dignified evening at the Adamses’

…started promisingly enough, with wine and a tasty steak dinner, but quickly degenerated into this: Chester is terrified. (Chester is the dog.) Trevor and Laura are coming over tonight for dinner & tree-trimming. Should I encourage the cats to take … Continue reading

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Score one for Cosmic Justice

Step back with me, Reader, to an evening long ago. Long ago on the streets of Arlington, Virginia, in a Taco Bell parking lot across the street from the inexplicably-devoid-of-parking Washington building. For it was here that my sister … Continue reading

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