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Watch this space…

So the book is done. Really. Well, almost completely and entirely done, anyway. Just a few little dribs and drabs of sidebars and suchlike to take care of… …And tomorrow morning I have to be at the airport at 5:30 … Continue reading

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Crazy world we live in

So last night I was thinking about Jobs I Have Had. And one of them (see yesterday’s comments) was at a coffee kiosk in a large, spacious, airy, echo-y glass’n’steel science building on the UCSC campus. And a damn fine … Continue reading

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Tag! I’m apparently it. Also an attempt at cat-blogging.

So I have been blog-tagged (blagged? togged?) by Francine of Callaloo Soup, meaning I need to respond to a few questions. Hm. This is new for me, man. Let’s give it the ye-olde college try… 3 Jobs I Have Had1. … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable sensations

So did you ever get the feeling that circumstances were conspiring against you? Pushing you, shoving you, being rather ungentle, but maybe sending you in a direction that you’ve kind of known you probably needed to go? Yeah. Dude. The … Continue reading

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Written By

There’s just nothing that warms the cockles (hee) of a parent’s heart like seeing inklings of his/her own tendencies blooming in his/her children. So. Here’s a story Fisher brought home from school yesterday. He had to start with the prompt: … Continue reading

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Meow, kitty

What did I do today? I wrote one (1) 1200-word article for Scrapbook Retailer. I wrote one (1) 460-word article for SS. And I created this dazzlingly beautiful Photoshop brush of my cat: Really, it was work-related. It had to … Continue reading

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Nothing much to say today…

…just a bunch of photos. Joe, Karan, Ralph, Marie, Baby S, Steve, Dee’s right hand and I toast the New Year. (This is just after Karan changed out of her fantabulous foxy-ass black skirt into PAJAMA PANTS. Karan, are you … Continue reading

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