A grudging leap forward into the 21st century

Look, I made a Web site.

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Of course it has none of these dreadful things, and is actually quite boring at the moment. I just needed to get up some samples so I can Send Queries to Official Markets. Cross your fingers for me.

(Cool fact: In about three to five business days, Mollynewman.com will go… well, to my fine new Web site.)

And an observation on the powers of serendipity: Record highs in Denver this week. Complete and utter lack of snow. Some interest evinced in the Weird and Wacky Weather by commenters on this very blog. And tonight on the Discovery Times channel (one of a very few pieces of evidence for why television should not be destroyed outright)… a very disturbing documentary on the geopolitical ramifications of the disappearance of Arctic sea ice.

Like, most of the world’s most powerful countries are grouped around the Arctic, which has served as a handy buffer zone for eons. But as the ice melts, fun exploitable resources like oil and natural gas and shipping lanes are becoming more accessible, and it looks as though we’re going to have to fight it out to determine who gets how big a piece of the pie. Conveniently sidelined in all of this: the fate of the Inuit people who have managed to sustain way more of their autonomy and traditional lifestyles than most Native American groups, largely because they live in a frozen wasteland and Whitey just didn’t really want it that bad. Also the looming extinction of everyone’s favorite fuzzy predators, the polar bear. Who will probably be gone within a century (conservative estimate), which is when the Arctic is expected to be clear of sea ice during the summer.

But hell, we’ll all be wearing short sleeves in January and wakeboarding in February, so who really gives a damn about a bunch of ice-chippin’ seal-munchers anyway, right?


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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One Response to A grudging leap forward into the 21st century

  1. Carlene says:

    rock on, Red Molly,,,I, for one, believe global warming is very, very, (TOO) real…

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