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I did it… it was hard…

Huh-huh. I said "did it." And "hard." Forgive me. I’m just taking refuge in some painfully juvenile humor after one of the gruelingest (?) days of my career. Going through these layouts and trying to decide which to keep and … Continue reading

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This is the sucky part

110 gorgeous, stunning, bee-yoo-tee-ful layouts in my "Yes! Pick these up!" folder. 80 slots for said layouts. Life is hard. Screw it, I’m going to Target to get some magnetic storage tins (props to Nancy).

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Darn you, Cory Richardson-Lauve!

So I’m going through the submissions for Digital 5. They’ve been "whittled down" for me to about 350 selections. From which I need to choose about 80 straight layouts. And the fantabulous Cory Richardson-Lauve has submitted… what, fifteen?… and of … Continue reading

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A grudging leap forward into the 21st century

Look, I made a Web site. Molly Online Totally Free 24 Hours Hot Girls Viagra Enlargement XXX Of course it has none of these dreadful things, and is actually quite boring at the moment. I just needed to get up … Continue reading

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2006 things to blog about

The title of this post could be punctuated in so many ways. "2006: Things to Blog About" gives a nod to the seasonal resolution trend. "2006 Things to Blog About" has that daunting ring of a long freakin’ list. "2006!, … Continue reading

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