More posts about punkbooking and tunes

So we have a new (though tentative) name for this Thing That Is Not Exactly Scrapbooking, but Sort Of Like It, that is done by People Who Are Most Certainly Not Scrapbookers, But Have Photos and Interesting Stories to Preserve.

We are calling it "punkbooking." At least until we come up with something better.

I would say there are definite punk overtones to this… a certain DIY sensibility that fits right in… a sort of anarcho-collectivist ethic to the idea of getting together and making something all your own that scorns the very notion of cute. Sounds good, anyway.

Here’s Laura’s "punkbook," or should we say "punker bag album?" Tee hee. It’s called "My Soundtrack,"and features lists of songs (soon to be accompanied by CDs tucked into the album pockets) that have featured prominently in her life, both childhood and "adultness" (sez Laura).




Pretty freakin’ awesome, huh? Want to make your own paper bag album? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Get some paper lunch sacks (Laura used 2 for her album… 2 to 4 seems to work the best).
  • Fold in half vertically and crease firmly.
  • Stack them together with open ends alternating and creases aligned.
  • Sew along the seam. You can either machine-sew (as Laura did) or poke holes every quarter-inch along the seam and hand-sew with a backstitch (as I did, ’cause I don’t have no stinkin’ sewing machine).
  • Decorate and have fun! You can cut along the closed bottom seam to form a nice little pocket to tuck tags, memorabilia, etc. into… put larger photos or CDs into the full-sized "pockets" (open tops of the bags)… bind, as Laura did, by punching a couple of holes in the pre-sewn seam and threading a ribbon through… what-freakin’-ever. (Freakin’, or its more vulgar cousin, is the only viable infix in the English language. At least according to The Know-It-All, a riotously amusing book I am currently reading, about a fellow who decides to read the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica.)

So… yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Beloved Sweetie and I had a scrumptious homemade (Jim-made, really) dinner of blue-cheese crusted filet mignon (mmm), pommes frites (dee-lish) and broccoli-chickpea-grape tomato salad (my humble contribution). And despite our vow to each other, as every year, that we weren’t going to "get presents" for each other, these are the sweeeeeet new headphones Jim gave me:


Look! Look how they fold up into a cunning little case that makes them look like sunglasses! I like to puke.

And speaking of DIY:
This was my Valentine’s present for Jim. It’s a desktop picture/screensaver for his work computer, made with Gina Miller’s "Build Your Own Bulletin Board" kit from Which I found out about from Melissa’s blog Creative Musings. And Melissa is the person who wanted instructions on how to make a paper bag album. See how the circle is complete? Hakuna matata, baby.

One last thing. This is what my hair looked like for Jim’s big work shindig thingy on Friday:

Unfortunately, NOBODY GOT A GOOD PICTURE of how the back/updo part looked… my hair lady Lori outdid herself and I was SO HAPPY to have such BEAUTIFUL HAIR that didn’t LOOK LIKE MESSY CRAP like it USUALLY DOES… alas…

Mad props to whomsoever recognizes the album title that the title of this post is sorta paraphrased from, kind of.


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8 Responses to More posts about punkbooking and tunes

  1. Mimi says:

    Bwahahahahaahhahaa! Great name.
    Awesome album, and you are so stylin!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for the album directions! I’m glad my blog inspired you to buy Gina’s kit…think she’ll give me some commission? 😉 Can’t wait to make my album…I’ll post a pic when I’m done. Love the hairdo, BTW!

  3. Hey beautiful you look breath taking in that photo. You are precious!! Many hugs Wanda

  4. Gina says:

    Oh wow! I was just pointed towards this entry. I am so happy you enjoyed using the bulletin board kit!!!!! It looks AWESOME!!! =)

  5. Missy_G says:

    Love the album, thanks for the instructions. You look wonderful! Have a great day!

  6. Gwyn says:

    Oh, I love this “punkbooking” concept, girl!
    And full circle posting to boot. Completely-freaking-cool!

  7. Punkbooking! Love it.
    And I’m laughing because Pam Lambie and I – after eight glasses of wine, mind you – had this conversation at CHA… the “what can we call scrapbooking that takes the ‘stigma’ away from it” conversation.
    Punkbooking. Dig!

  8. And I’m thinking you are referring the album More Songs About Buildings and Food by my all-time favorite band Talking Heads. No?

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