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Paper bag writer

The Future of American Crafting is, I’m happy to report, in very good hands. At least as evidenced by the success of a gathering Laura hosted at her house yesterday evening where I demonstrated how to make paper bag albums. … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

…and does anything say "love" like six full seasons of leather-clad, gaze-of-steel-directing, outrageous-sound-effects-producing, lesbian-subtext-revelling Warrior Princessness? I thought not. Get the complete Xena series on DVD and make your loved one very, very happy.

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Listing to the left

No real post today, not in the traditional sense. But please check out the new additions to my "Listen," "Read" and "Blog Like Me" lists over there <– . I worked hard on them and now you should read hard … Continue reading

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Know what’s funny?

Me in my grubby jeans, Haflinger clogs, no makeup, ponytail, Wheaties cap… …and pimpin’ new acrylic nails. You would have to be familiar with the normal state of my nails (70%-chipped-off cheapie quick-dry polish, peeling apart in flaky layers not … Continue reading

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‘K, here’s some pics. More to come later. These are my, um, peeps: the Simple crew (with a smattering of Big Picture Scrapbooking types). Back row: Rebecca Cooper (possibly the world’s most adorable scrapbooker), Donna Downey (punk-as-hell hair, doughty designer … Continue reading

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Did I fall in a hole?

Well, um. Sort of. Er, no. Remember the vaunted "wireless access" I was going to "have" at the "Hard" Rock Hotel? Yeah. It was $11.95 a day (gotta love Vegas, home of the $5-each-way public transit!) and provided coverage that … Continue reading

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