Books, books. Boxes and boxes of books.

That is, apparently, what homeschooling will involve for us. (Curious, isn’t it, that my pre-homeschooling life involved pretty much the same thing?)

So today we will spend an hour or so, and tomorrow we will spend an hour or so, and Friday we will spend an hour or so clearing out the boys’ room to make room for the accoutrements of learning. Also so we can see their floor again. Right now it’s just gross.

We need to pack up a bunch of toys and books and art stuff, oh my, and put them in a semi-annual rotation. "Look, kids! New toys!" Ha ha ha ha ha.

I’ve had a couple questions about our (un-) curriculum. This is what we’ll be using so far:

  • Five in a Row (literature study with extensions into history, geography, science, art, etc.) for the basis of Rhys’ study, and possibly Fisher’s too.
  • For history, the Oxford First History of the Ancient World as a "spine" for our study, supplemented heavily by library books of all stripes. We’re focusing on prehistory through the Roman Empire all year.
  • For science… well, this is where Mama gets to make it up as she goes along. (Whee!) First we’ll do a unit on evolution and prehistoric animals; then we’ll do the human body, with hominid evolution tying the two together.
  • For math: Math-U-See, the exciting blocks-based system (Rhys: "Did somebody say ‘blocks?’ ") for Concept Mastery. Also a bunch of fun stuff out of Family Math, plus real-life experience in trips to the grocery store, budgeting allowance, etc., etc. Hell, maybe we can teach them to do our taxes. Somebody needs to do them.
  • For music: I think they’ll both start piano lessons; other than that, just lots and lots (and lots and lots) of listening to and talking about all kinds of music. Today, frex, we established that Fisher’s favorite bands are The Pixies, The White Stripes and Talking Heads. (Rhys: "Mine too.") Also listened to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem (which, amazingly enough, doesn’t suck) and talked about the Catholic Mass and why ALW wrote the songs in Latin; then we marched around the house to the thunderous beat of "Dies Irae… Rex Tremendae."
  • For art: somehow I don’t think covering that will be a problem (she said, unsticking a gob of Crayola Model Magic from her desk chair).

So that’s that… now off to box up stray Rescue Hero paraphernelia.

(And BTW… if I were to teach an online scrapbook journaling class, or write a book about journaling… would you take it/buy it? Just wunnerin’.)

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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10 Responses to Books, books. Boxes and boxes of books.

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! It will be so much fun going through all that stuff! They’re going to learn so much. Oh I would love a journaling class or book by you. Is that a hint? 🙂

  2. Thena Smith says:

    I would probably buy or sign up for anything and everything you do. You make things fun.

  3. Amy Sorensen says:

    Molly, I am amazed at your bravery! I mean, I know you’re a fabulous girl but the thought of homeschooling makes me quiver. I AM TOO SELFISH. I’m too much of a solitude junky. So I am admiring you right now!
    And, HELL YES I’d buy your journaling book! That’d be awesome! In theory I’d take a online journaling class, but in reality I’ve had this baby who has severely limited my computer time, so in reality I know I’d miss all the lessons…Anyway, I hope that means good things are happening in your future!

  4. krisfred says:

    Yes, I would buy anything from u..the moment I saw your banner I just knew you GET IT! I’m emailing you somethun pretty hilarious if you haven’t seen it already…

  5. JenG says:

    So, how does one enroll in the Newman School? I will drop my daughters off at 8 Monday morning. thanks! (if only you were a few hundred miles closer…)
    ha ha your un-curriculum sounds great! i love when a teacher ties together history, science, art, english, writing, etc.
    You, a jounraling book? I am so there. I love your writing style and would appreciate and insight into your process. keep us posted.

  6. Mimi says:

    YES about your class and great books!

  7. Yes to the book and double yes to the online class. 😀

  8. mum says:

    Don’t forget some chemistry. I’ve got a great curriculum from Storyline with inflating baggies and curdling milk and green water that won’t mix with oil!

  9. Jeannie says:

    I will sign up for everything in the Newman School, except that math bit =P, so heck ya bring on the realstyle journaling. =)

  10. ElizabethW says:

    Love the idea of a journaling book! (Take submissions! Pick me! Pick me!) Seriously, journaling is the part of this crazy scrapbooking obsession that just works for me. I believe in it even more than I believe in Chatterbox…and that is saying a LOT.

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