“Help,” she yelped

So I have another show coming up on Saturday, 9-midnight. The theme for this one: Drinking and Drugs. Pro, con, positives, negatives, happy party time, when the party goes sour, addiction, recovery, dead in a ditch like your mama always warned you would happen.

And this is where you come in! What’s a stellar-awesome, preferably radio-ready (I can edit, but it’s sort of a pain) drinkin’ or druggin’ song that deserves to be played? I have 1.8 hours of music on this theme ready to go and need about another hour’s worth.

Y’all have until about Thursday afternoon to let me know. Thanxomuch.


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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5 Responses to “Help,” she yelped

  1. Sandy says:

    Nothing heady or heavy metal about these two: Jimmy Buffet-Let’s Get Drunk and Screw and Willie Nelson’s Going to bed with a ten, waking up with a two. Not sure that’s the title on the second, but it’s close.

  2. Herm says:

    Ooh, there are so many…
    –Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (or anything else by Rufus W.)
    –15 Beers (Johnny Paycheck–it’s on the country mix Joe made)
    –Up the Junction (Squeeze–ends on a drinking note)

  3. dcjoe says:

    I Was Drunk – Alejandro Escovedo (off of Bourbonitis Blues)
    Here Comes a Regular – Replacements
    Chug-a-lug – Roger Miller
    Dramamine – Modest Mouse

  4. Laura says:

    Cold Turkey – John Lennon
    I Want a New Drug – Huey Lewis and the News
    One Million Bottle Bags – Public Enemy (courtesy of the Rev)
    Hip Hop Drunkies – Tha Alkaholiks featuring Ol Dirty Bastard
    I’ll get back to you…i’m sure there’s more but it’s very late.

  5. michele says:

    by now you have casey jones on deck, yes? and a little lucy in the sky with diamonds? what about in-a-gadda-da-vida? hendrix? (yes, my parents were hippies.)

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