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So if someone is mean and rude to you online…

…and for political reasons, you can’t respond to them in kind at the original location, is it just a complete violation of all that’s holy to snark at them on your blog? I’m sure it is, but should I do … Continue reading

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Calling all writers

Have you turned triumph into tragedy? Are you thankful for the bad times? Are you enough of a sucker to pay $299 to have your 5-10 page "life story" published in an anthology edited by two no-name reprobates with extensive … Continue reading

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The Song #7 phenomenon

I hate when people say "I don’t believe in [aliens, psychics, angelic visitations, immuno-crystal-thought therapy], but this particular [kidnapping of my Aunt Rhonda by Little Gray Men, prediction that I will meet the man of my dreams while in the … Continue reading

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A Rhys-ism

Int.–Newman kitchen–Morning. Rhys enters the kitchen, clad in underpants. His hand is jammed down his waistband. MAMA: Hey, pants-digger.RHYS: Why’d you call me "pants-digger?"MAMA: ‘Cause you’re digging around in your pants.RHYS: No, I’m not! I’m just lookin’ for bugs. And … Continue reading

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Trying to find a balance; trying to build a balance

…as Slug, of Atmosphere, would say. You may have noticed (or not) the relative paucity, both quantitative and qualitative, of posts on this blog lately. Sadly, this is not because I’m saving up for some grand denouement, some piece de … Continue reading

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‘s hot, um, yeah

Difficult to be articulate in 100-plus heat. Well, they say it’s only 100 today, with loftier temp heights expected tomorrow, but you know how reliable "they" are. Yes, it’s another balmy freakin’ summer day here in Stockton, California. Weird: there … Continue reading

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Why is this girl excited?

And also this boy? Because the new Thom Yorke solo album The eraser. just became officially iTunes-available today. And they are downloading it as we speak, um, er, post. And then they will listen to it on their trip to … Continue reading

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The joy of revision

So, somehow, from my first draft to my third draft, this is what happened to the mysterious sorceress’ abode: First Draft It was a cold room, the crumbling stones of the walls seemingly untouched by the heat of the brazier. … Continue reading

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— of the Day

Adjectives:Joycean.Sybaritic. News:Trying to decide if I should or shouldn’t tell my friend something I know that is very terrible and that I wish I did not know. Quote:"I would say the world’s in terrible shape, but I’m afraid the world … Continue reading

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Recipe for disaster!

Well, no. Not at all, really. But "Recipe for Shrimp and Fresh Corn Risotto" just lacked that punch, I thought. ‘Tis below the fold, along with some exciting news about staying up ’til sunrise…

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