A Rhys-ism

Int.–Newman kitchen–Morning.
Rhys enters the kitchen, clad in underpants. His hand is jammed down his waistband.

MAMA: Hey, pants-digger.
RHYS: Why’d you call me "pants-digger?"
MAMA: ‘Cause you’re digging around in your pants.
RHYS: No, I’m not! I’m just lookin’ for bugs.

And the reason you’re not getting a photo of this (other than that I didn’t take one, and it’s a little gross): I checked out my stats tracker yesterday and discovered that a disturbingly large number of hits on this post were coming from Google image searches for "sh!rtless boy$" (txtspk to try to confound those rotten perverts). Ugh. So I edited that post to remove the word "sh!rtless" and am hoping to prevent this disgusting problem in future.

What I shoulda done is replaced the picture of sh!rtless Fisher with one of sh!rtless Jack Black (which is what the original post was referring to anyway). Hah. That’d serve ’em right. Since they all probably look like sh!rtless Jack Black anyway…

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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