Good news for Renfairies everywhere

So today I got a wild hair/hare/heir. (Actually, I’ve seen all three of these things in the past 30 hours or so. There was a cute li’l brown bunny rabbit meandering through the woods when I took the boys for a nature walk yesterday… I’ve neither bathed nor brushed my hair yet today, mm stinky, but read on to learn why… and my children are, as we speak, dismantling the kitchen with great energy.)

Jim and I watched a cool show the other night. (It is scary how many of my anecdotes/descriptions of how I came to know something start with that same sentence.) It was about the Borgias, they of Renaissance Roman infamy, and particularly about how they probably didn’t do a lot of the nasty things attributed to them, though there was a whole slew of nasty things that they did do. And one of the things that I learned was that Lucrezia Borgia, she of the supposed incestuous relationship with her father/brother/whomever and the apocryphal arsenic-laced ring, was deeply madly passionately in love at first sight with her second husband, Alfonso of Naples. Not something you think about much, the idea of Renaissance child-brides actually loving their husbands. (Or vice versa.)

Then today I got an e-mail from Renaissance Magazine talking about their upcoming special issue on Scotland… and at the end, they mentioned that their annual special issue on Weddings is coming out in March.

So I did about 15 minutes worth of additional digging and put together a query for them on Renaissance love-matches. And my darling Herm read over it and pronounced it Interesting Enough. And I sent it away.

And about an hour later, I got an e-mail back from the editor, saying that they would be pleased to read that article and anything else I might like to send them…

*jig jig*

This is one of those subbacultcha-type magazines that I love and read obsessively. I may not have the makings of a true SCA nut, but I can argue avidly about the finer points of Elizabethan-era fairy beliefs with the best of ’em. Or the moderately-interested of ’em, at least.

But anyway. The reason I’ve not yet bathed today is because I’ve been engrossed in multifarious correspondence with…

….drum roll….

the members of the new editorial board of Digital Scrapbooking, coming to you in an all-new subscription-based quarterly format in January.

I really wanted to be able to link to the magazine Web site, but it’s not up yet… stay tooned… all I can tell you at this point is it’s gonna ROCK and/or ROLL. And I’ll probably have a new digital scrapbooking-themed blog to go along with it. But the Pic-Dem will remain and persevere.

(Wow. A real job. I feel a little… faint.)

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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6 Responses to Good news for Renfairies everywhere

  1. Meg says:

    Awesome news on all accounts!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the new website and especially the magazine, I guarantee I’ll be one of the first subscribers!!

  2. Mimi says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! Whohooooo.
    Do you have info on that magazine, I’ve never heard of it?

  3. Amy Sorensen says:

    MOLLY!!!! I am THRILLED for you!!!! On both counts. But the mag is just thrilling. Congratulations girlfriend!!!!!!
    (And now that I have used up my life’s quota of exclamation points, I promise to never use one again on your blog…lol)

  4. Jennifer Adams Donnelly says:

    Oooh! That sounds like a cool magazine! I wil definately be subscribing to that one! Can’t wait to hear more….!
    Oh, and big congrats on the success with the Ren magazine!

  5. Melissa says:

    Congratulations on everything! What great news!

  6. You Ms Molly are to cute!! Hugs Wanda

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