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Ten songs

Here’s what’s crankin’ up on ye olde iTunes today: Joy Division, "Heart and Soul" Atmosphere, "Say Hey There" Belle and Sebastian, "Mary Jo" Beck, "End of the Day" Yo La Tengo, "Black Flowers" (off their brand-new record, I Am Not … Continue reading

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FRIDAY Radio show!

In which I ask for money! Yep, it’s fund drive time at KAFM. So send us some cash, or flowers, or good wishes, or whatever. Friday, 1-4 p.m. Mountain time (that’s 12-3 Pacific time, 3-7 Eastern time), Send us … Continue reading

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Arrrr, mateys! ‘Tis a squidly day

We be not only Jedi ’round these harrrbors. We be pirates as well! School has been going not-so-great for the last few sessions. I’ve had multiple headdesk moments trying to get Rhys to remember the sound of the letter "n." … Continue reading

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How to feel silly

Throw on a mix of your favorite old-school metal tunes to get motivated for cleaning. Vigorously wash dishes, counter, etc. Become disgusted at filthy state of coffeemaker. Find self simultaneously headbanging to Slayer’s "Reign in Blood" and looking up how … Continue reading

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Uncontrollable bibliomania

OK, and so despite the fact that I have at least twelve partially-finished books hanging around my bedroom and office (Sarah Vowell’s Assassination Vacation is one of the most entertaining things I’ve read in a long time), my lust for … Continue reading

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Ten songs on Friday

because I’m not catblogging today. (Or, er, ever. Not so far, at least. Really, I’ve got the boringest cats in the universe. Meow meow meow, eat eat eat, snuggle snuggle, get freaked out by a piece of lint and run … Continue reading

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Corn kernel polenta

Mimi, your wish is my command. Corn Kernel Polenta(stolen freely from the Food & Wine Quick From Scratch One-Dish Meals Cookbook, how’s that for a name?)5-1/2 c. water2 tsp. salt (you’ll actually want to be generouser than that, I think)1/4 … Continue reading

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Radio show today

One hour from now… 1-4 p.m. Mountain time. No special theme this time. But it’s raining today, and it rained last night, and the playlist seems to have a sort of damp grey mood to it. Tune in at KAFM … Continue reading

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Fall arrived yesterday afternoon with a wet splat. Rain drizzled all night, and I woke up this morning to the unlovely stench of dust burning. Jim had turned on the heater to take the edge off the cold. Rhys and … Continue reading

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A sad, sad day for the Newman crew

Jim and I wake up every morning to "Morning Edition" on NPR, and yesterday was no exception. From the depths of drowsiness, we were slowly roused by a rundown of the latest debacle in Afghanistan… and then something shook us … Continue reading

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