What’s a better track to start the Halloween show with…

…"Theme from Halloween" or Ministry’s "Everyday is Halloween?"

And now some other stuff:

You may have noticed (‘cos I certainly did) that my last several posts have been kinda… well, generic. Music (yeah, I still love the Snowden record), travels hither-and-yon (Vega$ Baby!), but mostly stuff that could’ve, and probably did, happen to anybody. I’m sorry. That’s totally not what you’re here to read; at least, I don’t think so. If you are, I can point you to some amazingly dull blogs in a very similar vein…

But I had a couple of reminders–one brutal, one not-so–that this bizarre hybrid of private musings and public exhibitionism is not  going to be read by an audience of my choice, nor is my self-selected audience going to interpret things precisely the way I’d like. (The proper response to this, of course, is "Duh.")

The more perspicacious of you may have noted that I took a step never before taken in Pic-Dem history a short while ago: I deleted a post (and my follow-up to that post, so I guess really I deleted two, though they were sort of two halves of the same coin). I quite liked them at the time I wrote/posted them, but they proved grievously offensive to two people whom I love dearly and see often. (OK, they’re Jim’s parents.) I didn’t know they were even reading the blog, and I definitely wouldn’t have posted that mini-screed if I’d known (a) they’d see it, and (b) they’d be so hurt by it… so I guess in a perfect world, I wouldn’t ever write or post anything that would be offensive to anybody, and then where would I be? (Endless catblogging. That’s where.) So I’m either (a) a coward, and I suck, or (b) an ill-mannered and cruel-hearted daughter-in-law, and I suck. Or heck, (c), both of the above.

Was that whole paragraph confusing, self-referential and pretty much stupid? Yeah, I thought so.

And now on to the other incident!

I got an e-mail. From Joyce née-Wong, described elsewhere in these pages as "my best friend… later… my utter nemesis." Which e-mail, in a last-ditch attempt at not being a total sucklord, I will not quote here, ’cause I didn’t ask if I could. But still… she was a better woman than I; she sought me out and sent me a message with kind intentions, rather than decrying me on teh internets. Would I ever do such a thing to anyone whose feelings I injured at the high-school level? Hells, no! I would just snark about them on my blog. ‘Cause that’s what it’s here for.

And eventually I will probably lose all my friends because I will insult them here, advertently or inadvertently. And I don’t really have many friends to begin with, so I should probably be careful.

It’s a good thing my cats can’t read (or understand spoken English), or they’d probably quit being friends with me too.

Postscript: The highlight of MemoryTrends was totally hanging around with Jen Adams Donnelly and Lin Sorenson. There is no word for how much naughty fun these deceptively well-dressed and mild-mannered women are… ask us about dollar drinks in the aisles at Sephora! And choice phrases from the Grimms’ fairytale "The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage." And Samuel L. Jackson vis-a-vis Dave Chappelle impersonations! And… well, that’s probably enough.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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3 Responses to What’s a better track to start the Halloween show with…

  1. Mimi says:

    “Everyday is Halloween” because I LOVE that song.

  2. Dude… I LOVE that Ministry song, especially the full 8+ minutes of rift that goes with it. I think that is going to have to start tomorrow’s office playlist!

  3. Herm says:

    I love this post. It reeks of thoughtful maturity. Is something wrong? Hahahaha, kidding.

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