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Happy birthday, Mike Patton

(Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Peeping Tom, Dillinger Escape Plan, Lovage, etc., etc.) 39 years old today. Hope he’s enjoying himself.

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Just… overwhelmed.

So I thought I had a day to breathe before rejoining the fray (since I’m not going to CHA this time around…). Turns out I was sadly mistaken. I just want to put my head down and hide for a … Continue reading

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Christmas cheer, better late than never

So I was cleaning up one in a series of stacks of random papers and discovered this acrostic poem, written in class, by Fisher. All spelling and punctuation is per original. Marey was Jesus’s mother.Euorpe, is that where Bethlaham is?Really?Really.You … Continue reading

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Happy, randomly, on a Thursday

Mired in work, sodden with responsibility, drowning in hideous paper-based clutter. And yet I smile. Here are a few reasons why: Joanna Newsom‘s fantabulous, spooky, sprite-voiced, harp-infested, lyrically incomparable Ys. Highlights of an upcoming issue of Renaissance Magazine. Rhys (currently … Continue reading

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Manners and Conduct In School and Out

This wee book, referenced below, is crammed so full of snippets of wisdom that I feel compelled to start sharing them. In the "Lunch Room:" Never laugh at the accidents or misfortunes of others, even if they have a ridiculous … Continue reading

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Just a picture

Shot this in our family room last week with the Photobasics kit from Westcott –two lights, a couple of backdrops and a positioning mat (which I didn’t use here) all in one easy-to-use package. We’re profiling it in the April/May … Continue reading

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A note without a song; a show without a theme

Served up fresh and well-scrubbed 1-4 p.m. Mountain time today on KAFM; tune in for fun! Not much fun on today’s show, alas. At least, not looking at the playlist I’ve got so far; we’re going for more of the … Continue reading

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Where the heck was I?

D.C., my friends, D.C. Visiting my esteemed sister, who’s having in a baby in lo these six weeks or so. This baby is certain to be adorable, of genius-level intelligence, holding all the right political opinions, etc. (not to mention … Continue reading

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A Meme-i

which is, of course, a blogmeme gleaned from the illustrious Mimi. Here’s how it goes:1. take your FIRST blog post of each month from last year2. extract from each of said posts the LAST sentence3. copy ‘n’ paste for high-quality … Continue reading

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Worst. Book. Ever.

So every writer needs a dream; in my case, I’ve got a couple to go around. The most bestest one, of course, is the one in which I write literary magical realist novels that are published to unanimous critical pants-wetting … Continue reading

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