Coming to you from the land of no cell phone reception

That would be the beautiful and fog-swept Santa Cruz mountains, off Empire Grade between the UCSC campus and the wee hamlet of Bonny Doon. We’re (Joe and me, and Karan until a few minutes ago; Jim’s still sound asleep) sprawled on the couch surrounded by the detritus of the last few days’ aggressive relaxation. Multiple cats are watching us.

Today Mom and Dad are coming over from Stockton, boys in tow, to go to the beach and putter around downtown and perhaps enjoy some top-quality taqueria cuisine. Basically, doing all the things we would be doing on a MUCH MORE REGULAR BASIS if we hadn’t been too dumb to buy that cute li’l shabby bungalow we were renting when the owners offered it to us for $269K nine years ago.

Golly-gosh, I miss living here. Redwoods are better for you than sagebrush. No two ways about it.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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6 Responses to Coming to you from the land of no cell phone reception

  1. Zara says:

    Although, the sage brush misses you!!! A bit envious of you getting to go to the beach. The sand here isn’t quite the same.
    Mr. Miles is great. He has taken over my house and outside of the new hairdo, you would never know he was a sicko kitty!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ooh, Bonny Doon. Make sure to visit the wine tasting place of Bonny Doon wines. Good Stuff. They even have chocolates you can buy for the kids to keep them placated. Though you could just leave yours with relatives, and have a great adult time!

  3. Herm says:

    Awwwww…B-40! Vallarta! Multiple kitties! Sniffle. Though, we have sunny skies and a presidential funeral, so who am I to complain?
    Hello to Joe and Karan.

  4. Gotta love Santa Cruz!! There isn’t another place on earth like it…My favorite haunt is Capitola… Zelda’s (outside)for coffee and a basket of muffins…(Mr. Toad’s if it’s raining).
    Speaking of coffee…blog has it that you met one of my favorite people…Mimi! She has been a constant source of suppport over this last, hellish year. She is amazing.
    Happy New Year Ms. Molly! Enjoy your visit!

  5. Mimi says:

    Santa Cruz rocks – next time you are there, Miss Molly, you and I need to zip over and grab Stephanie and go out for coffee, are you in?

  6. RedMolly says:

    Heck yeah, Mimi–that sounds awesome. I’ve been wanting to blog about my historic meeting with the famous Mimi, but I don’t have a card reader so can’t upload the supporting photos yet! We’ll be back (v. v.) late tomorrow night, so maybe I can get it done Sunday…

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