Where the heck was I?

D.C., my friends, D.C. Visiting my esteemed sister, who’s having in a baby in lo these six weeks or so. This baby is certain to be adorable, of genius-level intelligence, holding all the right political opinions, etc. (not to mention well-dressed).

But there is a problem. A problem that you may be able to help solve!

She and her husband (Joe) can NOT think of a name that they like. No no no no no. Benjamin? Not appealing to Joe. George? Hannah says meh. Theo? They both like it, but they know a number of little Theos. Jayden, Caden, Brayden, Fadin’? Um… nope.

So I figured I’d ask my infinitely wise audience for help. But just suggesting things like "Robert" and "Arthur" ("King of the Britons!") is not much fun, is it? No no no no no. What would be much more fun is suggesting CATEGORIES and inviting you to submit names in those CATEGORIES.

Like this:

Botanical Names

Quasi-Puritan Names

Undercelebrated Virtue Names
Gracious Host

But Seriously, Folks…
Thibault/Tybalt (why the heck not?)
Xavier (they’ve actually pondered this one, and I dig it highly)

Please, please, please, help get this baby named… and since last week was National Delurking Week and I believe in celebrating things as late as possible, this would be an excellent opportunity for you silent multitudes (ha) to make yourselves known. You know who you are.


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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31 Responses to Where the heck was I?

  1. Herm says:

    Ooh, much obliged. And if we go with someone’s name, that someone will get a prize! Ummmm…a batch of peanut butter chocolate balls, 97% paraffin-free!

  2. RedMolly says:

    I thought of another Virtue Name: “Gratia Plena.” Saw it on a rosary bracelet in the SkyMall catalog and rather liked it.

  3. RedMolly says:

    Also, new suggestions from da Mins: Fisher suggests “Buddy” and Rhys likes “Z.”
    Or maybe “Arnold,” Fisher now says.

  4. Melissa Ives says:

    How about:
    Does that jump start anything? Good luck…

  5. Jen Donnelly says:

    We just got a new puppy and named him Charles. Charlie, most of the time! It’s cute and works for babies as well as puppies.
    Wait, so we know this is a nephew and not a niece?

  6. RedMolly says:

    Charlie is a fantabulous name–alas, Herm and Joe already have a nephew named Charlie, so it’s no longer up for grabs.
    I like Bing. Like Monty Python’s machine that goes “bing.” Bing! And, funnily enough, had the Eagles won the Super Bowl, this wee one’s middle name would have been Donovan.
    Excellent start, ladies… now how about some names paying homage to our Puritan forefathers? (Of which I think Herm and I have precisely zero. We’re pretty much descended from German dirt farmers, Scandinavian ship-jumpers and Welsh indentured servants.)

  7. Mimi says:

    Julian or Theodore – both of which my husband said no to.
    Or, Llewelyn.

  8. DH says:

    How ’bout

  9. Zara says:

    Fun, fun, fun…but…Z is my nickname, so “little person” needs to come up with a new one for little cousin!
    How about something like-
    Lots of ending in “n” names, huh???

  10. Amy Sorensen says:

    Well, I can tell you some options we pondered when Kaleb was a newborn—the kid was nearly one week old before we picked his name.
    Throughout the pregnancy Kendell wanted to name him Chuck Dent. SERIOUSLY. (“Dent” being a combo of Don and Kent, our fathers’ names. GROAN.)
    In the hospital, the kids suggested:
    Pooh Daddy
    Joe Joe
    When we really got down to business the list was:
    Baylor (my choice and I’m still sad I didn’t get to name him this)
    Alexander and/or Xander (which now has two votes!)
    My students took a vote and the winning name was Thadeus. (Which really doesn’t go so well with Sorensen. Unless he had a lisp.)
    And speaking of a lisp. One of the teachers I worked with named her baby Wathen. Horrid name. It’ll always look like a typo, don’t you think?
    Let the Herm know that if she waits TOO long—about a week after he’s born—then she’ll have to PAY for the priviledge of naming the babe! Can’t wait to hear what she decides!

  11. Shauna says:

    Here’s a couple of suggestions from north of the border (I never got to use these myself, as I had a girl).
    Jack (simple, and I love that)
    Eammon (this is a personal fave – it’s got that ‘Canadian visits Jamaica’ twist to it)
    Oliver (not sure why I like this, but I do)
    Ellesbry and Aubrey (I had great uncles with these names — they were brothers, and I think both names are good).
    I found your blog while looking for scrapbooking info, by the way. Imagine that, me with scissors.

  12. Melissa Ives says:

    How about George? We have good friends who named their son that…

  13. Jen Donnelly says:

    There is always John. It’s only the #1 name in Christendom through about 80 years ago.
    Melissa, George is my other dog’s name! Good name.
    Thomas. (As in Dylan Thomas)
    Magnus. (Actually, I quite like this!)
    Try this link for a cool chronological look at the wax and wane of various names: http://www.babynamewizard.com/namevoyager/lnv0105.html

  14. Jen Donnelly says:

    Oh, Eamon is the normal spelling. If you like Irish, there is also Tadhg (pronounced Teague or Taygue).

  15. mum says:

    No botanical category is complete without Societygarlic. His nickname could be Soggy.

  16. Valerie says:

    I’ll delurk…
    Botanical Names
    Oakley (love this one)
    Quasi-Puritan Names
    Undercelebrated Virtue Names
    I got nothin’…
    But Seriously, Folks…

  17. Herm says:

    Wow–some of our favorite names are on here (those that have been most seriously in the running): Theodore, George, Augustus (we liked August, actually, but the in-laws shot it down), Oliver, Woodrow. I love Thomas, too. And Samuel. And thanks for the warning about the cost of late baby-naming. Maybe that will be the kick in the pants we need to name this poor child.

  18. Jen Donnelly says:

    Oh, and don’t forget… if it comes to a mother-daddy dispute over the name: they bring the forms to MOMMY to fill out. Not daddy.
    And a wee tip: write the names down before you go in. If you happen to be on a morphine drip when they come around with the forms, you won’t give them the wrong spelling. As I did. So now my son’s obscure, Irish, second middle name is not spelled right. The good part is no one will ever know, because it’s an obscure Irish name! You gotta know that all the urbanlegendary Females and Lemongellos are solely the result of pain meds.

  19. dcjoe says:

    Um, daddy of the baby-to-be-named-later checking in. So many great suggestions. Love Gus and Eammon and Woodrow and Z. But Thadeuth Thorenthen might be my favorite.

  20. Jill S says:

    My husband and I are pondering having a second child and alas have no second boy’s name! So this is great fun. Our son’s name is Maximilian Jay so we’ll be looking for a name that goes with Max…
    My suggestions come from the list my mom prepared when my sister was having her second son:
    There’s also
    Good luck… I can’t wait to hear what they pick!

  21. Helena says:

    I guess Pantagruel is right out?

  22. RedMolly says:

    I LOVE Pantagruel! That’s what I wanted to name Rhys, but for some reason, no one concurred with me. (But Rhys is almost like an abbreviation of Rabelais, right? Right?)

  23. Mimi says:

    I like Eamon very much, but it so didn’t go with our last name.
    I also like Theodore, so I’ll say it again.
    My MIL sent my FIL to get sandwiches and named her son while he was gone to avoid Socrates.

  24. chrissy says:

    not sure if it’s too late to comment on this entry or not, but I’ll try…
    I have a Simon Avery and a Felix Conrad, but considered…
    Levi{yeah, like the jeans…but still pretty cool}
    Otto{German, very easy to spell, can’t think of any way to make fun of it…auto pilot? not creative at all.}
    Titus{tight ass? how bout I’ll kick your ass…sounds strong to me}
    I saw “Caesar” spraypainted on the side of a building the other day, passing through Phoenix, and it actually looked frickin’ cool all multicolored and what not…tho it’s a touch Hispanic, and you look pretty white to me, so I’m assuming your sister is, too. How’s that for a run on?
    That’s about all I’ve got.

  25. Charlene says:

    It can be difficult to recommend names w/o knowing the last name. I also highly recommend babynamewizard.com and the companion book.
    How about these?
    Virtue Name
    Pleasant (as a middle name only, please). I once knew a man (born around 1900) who had this middle name. His nickname was “Plez.”

  26. Herm says:

    Oooh, so many good ones! I love Felix and Silas and we actually considered Conrad. In case anyone else wants to add on and needs more guidance, the last name rhymes with “Heim.” Actually, it IS Heim (pronounced Hime). So that pretty much knocks out Simon, Jaime, and a few more.

  27. Laura says:

    Well, Asher has been my favorite boy name since I was 18 and since I’m not going to get to use it, some one should! And I’ll take those chocolate balls! MMM

  28. RedMolly says:

    Well, “Lime” and “Thyme” are out fer sures. As is “Itoughtabeahkr.”

  29. molly jones says:

    I’ve got two suggestions Tullic (tully for short) and Miles you have to think of his music not his heroin addiction or wife beating…

  30. azureavian says:

    ok, just having Maxx, i have a short list (hope i’m not too late):
    Seth (always loved this one, couldnt use it)
    –also a big tip, i have always used an ancestor(ess) name as a middle name. consider looking up some great-great names and seeing if they rock your boat. also a combo of names: mommy,daddy (we came up with Rayne, which is an actual name and very cool) both grandpas (ex:John Jacob?). or a cool name from a favorite book, author or character (Tolkien as a first name?)

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