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Where the heck was I?

D.C., my friends, D.C. Visiting my esteemed sister, who’s having in a baby in lo these six weeks or so. This baby is certain to be adorable, of genius-level intelligence, holding all the right political opinions, etc. (not to mention … Continue reading

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A Meme-i

which is, of course, a blogmeme gleaned from the illustrious Mimi. Here’s how it goes:1. take your FIRST blog post of each month from last year2. extract from each of said posts the LAST sentence3. copy ‘n’ paste for high-quality … Continue reading

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Worst. Book. Ever.

So every writer needs a dream; in my case, I’ve got a couple to go around. The most bestest one, of course, is the one in which I write literary magical realist novels that are published to unanimous critical pants-wetting … Continue reading

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Mental disconnect

The task at hand: reviewing 500+ reader submissions for the thirty-five or so slots we have in the next issue of Digital Scrapbooking. The soundtrack: Skinny Puppy’s Too Dark Park. (This is akin to the time, a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Chance meetings; or, why careful hygiene is important

So I came over to my parents’ neighborhood’s Corporate Coffee Emporium to catch up on some much-overdeadlined work. Got my customary Tazo Awake tea (only a buck thirty-five, and tastes a lot better than a Cinnapumpkin Hypermint Sugarpuke Latte) and … Continue reading

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Coming to you from the land of no cell phone reception

That would be the beautiful and fog-swept Santa Cruz mountains, off Empire Grade between the UCSC campus and the wee hamlet of Bonny Doon. We’re (Joe and me, and Karan until a few minutes ago; Jim’s still sound asleep) sprawled … Continue reading

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