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Social Impairment: a problem in need of a telethon

Do you ever just have the itching troublesome knowledge that someone with whom you need to get along just doesn’t like you, and you aren’t sure why or what to do about it? Are you never quite sure if people … Continue reading

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Three stories about prudence

The first story: (or, making bold plans for a brilliant future)I sold a quantity of rubber stamps which I no longer used (or, sadly, in some cases, had never used) on eBay and earned a total of $219.20 doing so. … Continue reading

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Things you want to tell Thom Yorke are OK

Having sex whilst listening to Radiohead. Really, Thom, it’s all good. You should try it sometime.

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Rhys rides again

The BMX track is finally dried out enough for the racing season to start today. Fisher’s "taking a break" from riding right now, but Rhys was rarin’ to go. There were four kids in Rhys’ class, three heats–he came in … Continue reading

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@$#%!! spam filters

For some reason this message I tried to send out just now bounced back from a number of mailboxes… was one of them yours? Subject: Exciting Viagra music opportunity Nigerian singles Hello Friend, I am very important embassy official CIALI$ … Continue reading

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Shamefaced admission

So you know how there’s something you’ve just gotta do, and you really don’t feel like doing it because you know once you start doing it it’s going to take over your entire life and turn  your day (or a … Continue reading

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Ceci n’est pas un blogpost

So I’ve been paralyzed, autolyzed and autoclaved by my strong desire to not have the Post of Many Potential Babynames whacked off the front page. But now there’s a link to it, and all is well, and please keep coming … Continue reading

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Brunch of champions

We had some friends over this morning (well, no, not this morning–we asked people to come at about noon) for brunch, featuring Jim’s lovely rosemary roasted potatoes and my green chile strata (the recipe for which I invented at about … Continue reading

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Song of songs

Today, live on the radio: songs about God. Christian God ("Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah!"), Islamic God, Buddhist sense-of-oneness-with-the-universe, blessing, smiting, apotheosis, theologians, naughty nuns, and of course the "Galaxy Song" for those of us without firm theist convictions. Listen and enjoy! … Continue reading

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