@$#%!! spam filters

For some reason this message I tried to send out just now bounced back from a number of mailboxes… was one of them yours?

Subject: Exciting Viagra music opportunity Nigerian singles

Hello Friend,

I am very important embassy official CIALI$ in
need of some special Christian assistance of you, I turn to you in
greatest GIRL$ GIRL$ hope you will hear my story and the voice of God
will tell you I am one who can be trust.

Due to unrest in my country I am require to broadcast at KAFM
88.1 a special message, if you can tune in and listen then I will
transfer 8 MILLION LEGAL CANADIAN PHARMACIES to your bank account with
most haste, in return you give to me your EARS for three hours only. I
know you are very dubious of this LEVITR@ form of contact and I assure
to you that this is not sc*m or sp*m, pharmacy will be TRANSFER your
account soonest, my associate can direct you to URL www.kafmradio.org
where 1-4 p.m. M0UNT@!N time tomorrow you can discover lively streaming
songs better than PROZ@C, Z0L0FT or even M0D!N@F!L for purpose of raise
your mood and send you into weekend with smile. Content of message not
yet confirmed as government agents are everywhere in my country since
revolution, but very likely to include PEACHES, DEERHOOF, M. WARD, THE
ROBOT ATE ME, LUPE FIASCO and of course BECK without which no audio
transmission can be authorized in times of unsettled politics.

With most best hope of yours assistance in slight matter for which you by God’s will receive every blessing,


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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4 Responses to @$#%!! spam filters

  1. Jen Donnelly says:

    I have no idea why it would bounce back… could it have been the keywords Nigeria, Viagra, pharmacy, or embassy? LOL… very clever.
    Can we have an update on Forthcoming New Baby Nephew? I thought of another one… Baxter. It may have been mentioned.
    I will try to tune in tomorrow!

  2. Herm says:

    I got it, and I loved it.
    As for forthcoming baby nephew: just returned from the doctor’s office, where I got the impression that he (baby; Dr. is a she) is very comfortable and not coming anytime soon (though that’s all relative, as he’ll almost certainly be here within three weeks). Name is still undecided, though we have a couple of leading contenders. Tra-la.

  3. Oh Molly that is a Gem, nope did not get it!! So will the world end if it is a girl? Hugs Wanda

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