There seems to be a phenomenon common to enthusiasts of every stripe who get involved in their chosen avocation on a more-than-hobbyist level.

They start writing about it for magazines, blogging about it on a blog that then gets Noticed, designing projects for manufacturers, whatever. And then they realize they’ve pretty much run out of time to spend actually pursuing the interest in the first place. It becomes work: writing out the notation for the knitting pattern, reviewing the spiffy new high-speed lens, pulling likely-looking CDs out from the latest batch to hit the radio station.

In my case, I’ve pretty much quit scrapbooking (and its associated time-eater, "papercrafting") in the last year or so. I miss it–I think about it–but seriously, I don’t have time to work on the magazine and homeschool Rhys and pimp the freelancing  and do the radio show and scrapbook. When I do scrapbook (or its associated time-eater, "papercraft"), it is always, always, ALWAYS for an assignment.

But you know what… it’s not all bad. Deadlines are the prime motivator, after all, and there’s nothing that forces the old creative burners to fire up like a Damoclean deadline hanging over the head. So things do get done, and when they get done, they tend not to suck too bad.

Like this project I finished today. I think it came out pretty damn cute. Of course, I can’t tell you what it is, but it will be in the August/September issue of Digital Scrapbooking, and it does feature a selection of Jim’s Rome photos, and… yeah. I made it. Cool.

Also (and really, primarily): my beloved Herm is in the hospital, laboring away at producing possibly the most-anticipated nephew in the last five years and ten months. Go, Herm, go!


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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One Response to Create-o-biggle

  1. Lori V. says:

    I miss scrapbooking, too, Molly. Of course, the only excuse I have for not scrapbooking (or it’s related time-eater, “papercrafting”), is that I’m lacking a creative streak right now. My creativity waxes & wanes, and it has been waning for a long freakin’ time this go ’round. SIGH!
    I’m sure that whatever you created is fabulous and great. If I could do much more than email, blog, and surf with the ‘puter, I’d give digi a try. Alas, I cannot even seem to master the Technorati crap with my blog!

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