I can tell when I’m getting tipsy ’cause

I start getting the urge to blog like mad. About minutiae. About nothing at all. About, primarily, music.

Like this: "OMFG I loooooooove this song! Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘1979!’ It’s sooooo awesome! Listen to this amazing thing Billy Corgan does with his voice right here… man, that’s freakin’ heartbreaking… and this little chord change is so plaintive, it says so much. ‘Weeeeeeee don’t eeeee-ven care…’ " OMG that says so much!!!"

Or like this: "OMG Joanna Newsom is teh awesome! Listen, listen: ‘Stay with me for a while/ That’s an awfully real gun… Back on the patio watching the bats bring night in’ …I mean, can you GET any more fantabulous than that? And here come the strings, AWWWWWWHHHH!"

Aren’t you glad I generally resist?


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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2 Responses to I can tell when I’m getting tipsy ’cause

  1. Sam Masson says:

    Agreed; if it was good then, it’s good now. Make sure to peep the Vocal Mix of 1979 for something cool and different yet beautifully familiar. Also rocking my house party in the old-school way are the Be Good Tanyas, who amongst other awesome bluesy bluegrassy things (would that be ‘bluesgrass?’) do a cover of “When Dove Cry.” It’s hard to front on Prince, and although their version has a bass line (unlike the original), it’s pretty freakin’ tight and I might like it even better than the Purple One’s. Personally, I celebrate their entire catalog. What’s a Wonder Wall? Ryan Adams’ cover of that song is tighter than a mosquito’s heiney. Beaucoup congrats to Hannah; I hope everyone’s getting some much-deserved and hard-earned rest over there.

  2. mfaamausili says:

    hi molly, it’s me, mack from stockton via santa cruz via stockton, ad infinitum… i like at least one Cass Mccombs song and am not in jail or an asylum. i live in portland. just decided to google my own name and found this. you can e-mail me if ya like at: acacial@excite.com. so nice to see you’re writing still, you were always a good writer. cool beans

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