Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John

Yes, it’s entirely too early for all this 2008 hat-in-the-ring presidential happy crappy. And this is really not a political blog. (Stop snickering.)

But I really like John Edwards–a dedicated family man with true populist values who is willing to focus attention on America’s class divide and ask tough questions about American policy. And I admire his wonderful wife, Elizabeth, greatly–she’s both compassionate and terrifically strong, determined and dedicated.

I was very sorry to hear the news that she is once again battling cancer, but glad to hear that Edwards is still in the race. I’ve never been a Hillary Clinton fan–too corporate, too concerned about saying the politically expedient thing rather than the right thing–and I have serious reservations about Barack Obama’s relationship with big-business donors (though of course, if it came down to it, I’d support either one wholeheartedly in a general election). Edwards seems to live by a strict code of personal values (wow, I sound like a flamin’ conservative here, don’t I?) and to offer fresh takes on the issues that could refocus our government on taking care of substantive domestic affairs rather than rushing to embroil ourselves in one international muck-up after another.

Anyway, I had to steal this little gem from DailyKos commenter droogie6655321:

The Edwards[es] have been married 3 decades. The average Republican candidate has been married 3 times.

If Newt jumps into the race (ugh, need brain-bleach now) I think that might even bump the average up a little…

Elizabeth Edwards and her whole family will be in my thoughts. I know she has access to the best health care available; and what’s more, I know that she and her husband are dedicated to expanding that health care access to the millions of Americans who are currently un- or under-insured. Here’s hoping we hear good news soon.

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5 Responses to Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John

  1. Mimi says:

    As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor (who is battling it again) I am so sorrowful to hear this news. Sigh.
    And, I am also fascinated (in a can’t turn away from a car crash way) at the way that John Edwards is being portrayed as a “Pretty Boy” who is vain. It’s kind of odd to watch, and I suspect it’s the way he’s going to be Swift-Boated.

  2. Melissa Ives says:

    I’ve always admired her and am incredibly saddened by the news. DH and I are dealing with cancer in a very close family member right now and know how terrifying it is.
    That stat on marriage is amazing.

  3. Lori V. says:

    I’m very sad to hear about the news of her cancer. But a huge part of me, being married to an M.D. who was recently sued (frivolously, and was subsequently dropped from the case, but not before he had to travel many miles and spend many hours being deposed) for medical malpractice, cannot make myself fully embrace or even trust John Edwards. I can’t help but wonder how many doctors like the ones he’s now relying on for Elizabeth’s care he ruined with possibly frivolous or way overblown lawsuits. He seems great, but just his record as a “personal injury” lawyer makes me cringe.

  4. Denise says:

    Lori, I can’t speak for all of Edwards’ cases but the one that made him very wealthy happened in my mother’s neighborhood and in that case I don’t believe he made his money from doctors. It was the case where a little girls intestines were sucked out her rectum in the neighborhood swimming pool. She almost died and was damaged for life because care wasn’t taken to make sure the intake of water wasn’t being monitored correctly.
    I have seen him in person during the Jim Webb campaign where he really moved me (unlike his earlier presidential bid). I think he is the real thing, a person with a heart who understands what this country needs.

  5. Lori V. says:

    Denise, unfortunately a large percentage of his cases were medical malpractice suits. Like I said, he may be a great guy now, but I still feel a little wary.

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