Ten more things, because

it’s Tuesday. (Last week’s random ten: here.)

  1. I have four–no, five–novels in various stages of incompleteness cluttering up my hard drive. (Two are rather less incomplete than the others.)
  2. I can’t write with fancy pens. The best pen: a black fine-point Uniball. The second-best: a thirty-nine cent Bic.
  3. The first concert I ever saw: Metallica (with Faith No More opening) at Cal Expo in Sacramento. My dad drove my two buddies and me to the show, came in with us, then said "Enjoy yourselves" and wandered off somewhere to enjoy the music on his own terms. Met up with us afterwards and drove us home at whatever-thirty on a school night. First time, I think, that it ever occurred to me that my dad might be really cool. Still, after all these years, one of the best damn shows I’ve ever seen.
  4. Zombies: funny, fascinating and terrifying all at once. Armies of the undead! Relentlessly pursuing the living through the crumbling sepulchres of post-apocalyptic American cities! Shambling! Brains! Chainsaws! How can you not love them?
  5. I’ve seen The Princess Bride over one hundred times. (Best quote: "No more rhymes now! I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?")
  6. I like mashed potatoes more than any other food on the planet. Just good ol’ plain ol’ mashed potatoes with lots of butter and salt and preferably a dollop of nice creamy cream.
  7. I can’t stand to have my hair touched.
  8. I’m always afraid people I only know from doing things like the blog or the radio show are going to be horribly disappointed upon actually meeting me.
  9. I have two kinds of hairspray, a tin of brilliantine wax, a bottle of Redken mega-gel (which is technically Jim’s), a "liquid fiber" hair-shagging-out sort of gooey thing and two tins of hair putty-type-stuff on my Product shelf in my bathroom. And on a rough day, I think a little bit of all of it goes into the (new, high-maintenance) hairdo. (God, I’m so not a hair person. It’s just strange, and a little discomfiting. I’m not sure how I morphed from my flannel-shirted ponytailed college self into this weird lipglossed becoiffed mom person I seem to have become.)
  10. If it’s 3:13 in the morning and I turn the TV on and the Chappelle Show is on, I will stay up to watch it until the end. Even though I’ve seen every episode probably going on ten times. Especially if it’s the one with the Player Hater’s Ball.

Well, ’til next Tuesday, then… wonder if Chappelle is on. And if there are any leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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4 Responses to Ten more things, because

  1. Laelaps says:

    “I’m always afraid people I only know from doing things like the blog or the radio show are going to be horribly disappointed upon actually meeting me.”
    I feel the same way; either they’re going to be disappointed or surprised that I’m not nearly as irate in person as I am online.

  2. Amy Sorensen says:

    I am so with you on the mashed potatoes. And on #7—I think Jake would have been a hair-holder if I’d let him but HOLY COW that annoys me!

  3. Mimi says:

    My hubby might have seen that same show.
    And, as to #8, I’ve met you and lived to tell the tale of the awesomeness that is Molly!

  4. Lori V. says:

    Molly… I make my mashed potatoes with mayo to make them creamy, and they are sinfully delicious! As a potato conoisseur, you should try it sometime!

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