A very trivial pursuit

Spring is in the air, sort of. (Actually, it’s been snowing slushily on and off for about two days.) And with the coming of spring comes the coming of the KAFM Spring Fund Drive.

How, you ask, does this affect you? Well, as the centerpiece of our grand ‘n’ glorious radio show tomorrow, we’re having a Music Trivia Challenge Extravaganza Smackdown! (My object is to refer to this contest by a different series of hyperbolic words each time.) From 1-4 p.m. tomorrow at KAFMradio.org, we’ll pose 15 not-too-hard musical questions to our audience; most of them are kind of open-ended, and a few will be perhaps in short-essay format. The price for answering each question is a $10 pledge, or you can answer all 15 of ’em for a $100 pledge (that’s just $8.34 a month!).

You can call in tomorrow during the show to donate, or you can go online anytime to pre-pledge (make sure you’re pledging to the Paradise Cafe with RedMolly). Note: The perceptive Lori V. has discovered that you can’t pledge less than $25 through the online setup. You can make a $10 pledge either by calling 970-241-8801 between 1 and 4 p.m. Mountain time, or, for much greater convenience, you can e-mail me with your name, address and phone number plus the amount you’d like to pledge. I don’t need any financial info from you; I’ll just take care of filling out the pledge form and then you’ll receive a bill in a couple weeks or so. During the show, I’ll take answers at my e-mail address, and I’m going to post the whole list of questions here on the blog right before we go on-air.

What do you get in return for your hard-earned cash? Well, in addition to our standard high-quality schwag packages, whoever has the highest number of correct answers will get a totally swell gift basket with wine and CDs and suchlike. We’ll also do a drawing from all correct answers for a few CDs. And everyone who pledges and mentions the Pic-Dem will get a very special mixed CD created by yours truly AND a blog post devoted just to you with a sorta-high-quality poem celebrating your personal merits. Even if you only pledge $10.

Seriously, I am very curious to see whether I can scare up some cash for the station by taking my begging to teh Internets…

Thanks for your support of community radio–KAFM is truly an oasis in a Western Colorado wasteland–and opening your hearts’n’wallets to give give give.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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5 Responses to A very trivial pursuit

  1. Mimi says:

    Can one listen online? I’ve asked before and forgotten the answer. Sounds fascinating.

  2. RedMolly says:

    Absolutely, you can listen online! Go to kafmradio.org and click the “Streaming Audio” button either at the top left of the page or right smack-dab in the middle (that’s new for the fund drive). Hope you get a chance to catch some of the show tomorrow.

  3. Mimi says:

    I’ve emailed myself the insructions so I’ll remember tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. Lori V. says:

    Okay, Molly… maybe I’m stupid this early… or maybe time of day doesn’t have anything at all to do with it… BUT, I see the link that says to pledge online, but when I go, it just takes me to the store to purchase a membership or tickets.

  5. RedMolly says:

    Er, um, OK. I thought there was a $10 pledge level available online, but it looks as if there’s not.
    Tell you what… if you trust me enough to enter your information for you, you can e-mail me with your info (I think all I need is name, address, phone number) and I’ll enter the pledges for you. It’s redmolly AT gmail DAWT com.
    Thank you so much for being so generous!

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