You’ve got answers, we’ve got questions

These are 13 of the 15 questions we’ll be asking on the Super Amazing Trivia Brainbuster Insanity-Fest as part of our fund drive show on KAFM today. It’s $10 a pop to answer, with many fine schwag-packs available for pledgers, plus the extra goodies (mixed CD! blog post with a poem about you!) described in my last post. Comments are closed for the time being, so we’ll have at least an appearance of fairness.

Apparently, you can’t pledge an amount of less than $25 through our online setup, so you can either call 970-241-8801 between 1 and 4 p.m. Mountain time today to talk to a real-live person, or you can e-mail me (there’s a link over <– that way) with your name, phone number and address and I’ll take care of the pledgey stuff for you. We don’t need an actual check or credit card number or anything… we’ll send you a convenient little bill.

And now, let the trivia commence!:

  1. Name at least three of the samples featured in the Girl Talk song "Warm It Up." (Girl Talk=100%-sampled music, recombined in strange and unnatural new ways. They use lots of extremely recognizable samples, and this question would be very easy if you were actually listening to the actual song.)
  2. Two members of Uncle Tupelo went on to
    be lead singers for other bands. Name the singers and the bands.

  3. The Grates hail from Sydney, Australia.
    Name three other Australian music acts who have found success in the

  4. Which stealthy member do Gorillaz,
    Gnarls Barkley and Dangerdoom have in common?

  5. In the Citizen Cope song "200,000 in Counterfeit 50 Dollar
    Bills," "George" claims he spends all his money
    gambling at Pimlico. Which famous annual sporting event takes place
    at this venue?

  6. What’s Thom Yorke’s band?

  7. What was the original title of the
    Beatles movie “Help!”?

  8. Which movie catapulted the Shins to
    stardom with Natalie Portman’s line, “This music will change your

  9. Tom Waits has appeared in a number of
    movies; name one.

  10. New Modest Mouse member Jonny Marr was
    a member of which ’80s British band?

  11. The background music in the My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult song "Mood #6" is
    from which James Bond film?

  12. In which ’80s movie did David Bowie
    play a spooky fantasy king?

  13. Which movie, starring Robin Williams
    and Joan Cusack, featured songs by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Tori
    Amos on its soundtrack?

Thanks for your support–you’re helping to keep the airwaves (and the series of tubes) full of quality noisy music. Rock on, Picayune-Democratarians!

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