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Rock on, me

So assuming I can count correctly (and oh, Reader, what a large assumption that is), this is my tenth post in ten days. Never before has the Pic-Dem aspired to such sustained verbosity. Party hats and Sidecars for everybody! Also: … Continue reading

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Tell you what. It’s not going to be a very wonderful day. (Don’t you hate when it’s 9:30 in the morning and you already know that?) But I think I’m going on nine straight days of posting here, and I … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John

Yes, it’s entirely too early for all this 2008 hat-in-the-ring presidential happy crappy. And this is really not a political blog. (Stop snickering.) But I really like John Edwards–a dedicated family man with true populist values who is willing to … Continue reading

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PDX w00t!

Double news on the Portland front. Our friends Bill and Savannah had their baby Liam this morning. Hooray for babies! Hooray for friends in Portland! Also, check out this post on Craigslist. Don’t they sound like a nice family? Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Tuesday Random Ten

So there’s a blogmeme going around, "100 Random Things About Me." Saw it at Laelaps and thought I’d adopt it for the Pic-Dem–I really like these lists, even if I’ve never met and will never meet the person doing them. … Continue reading

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We have always been at war with Eastasia

Four years into a war that’s killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers, reduced the United States’ international status to a pathetic joke, enabled the disemboweling of the Constitution in the name of "security"–and what do we have to … Continue reading

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The answer is “shorts and a sunburn”

And the question is "What is Molly sporting today for the first time this year?", Alex. Something about the first mid-seventies weekend day of (almost-)spring that compels one to wear totally unsuitable clothing (my poor neighbors!) and raise giant blisters … Continue reading

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