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Son of the Return of the Random 10, Part Deux

Like Flavor Flav, back from the grave*… it’s another round of ten excitingish things you may or may not have already known about me, or my family, or my community, or… hell, who am I kidding? It’s RedMolly all the … Continue reading

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Epiphanic revelatory humdinger whatchamacallit

From Cicero, the best quotation ever: "Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book." This is 66-2/3% applicable to the Newman household these days. Times may not be bad, in the strictest sense … Continue reading

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I mean, really, WTF?

So one of the reasons for being of the Pic-Dem is to provide a forum for utter pointlessness, a sort of polluted stream of consciousness that oozes down from the long-abandoned power plant*, tainting wildlife and leaving mutations in its … Continue reading

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Career opportunities

Forget being an astronaut, a doctor, an archaeologist*, a teacher. Guess what my kids want to be when they grow up? For about a year now, Fisher has wanted to be a blacksmith. We went on a field trip with … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mum!

Today, my mom turns sixty years old. A bona-fide Army brat, she spent much of her childhood in Japan post-World War II, then moved to Virginia (a place of which she still speaks with enormous fondness). She graduated from UC … Continue reading

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Would you buy this house?

From the Mesa County MLS: Just look at those attractive ornamental grasses! And, um, the thriving clematis! Pay no attention to the strange not-really-brick chimney. The patio with built-in BBQ invites you to relax with mojito in hand… The kitchen’s … Continue reading

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‘cuz my homies are famous

The cover of yesterday’s local paper: We went to Junior Ranger Day at the Colorado National Monument last Friday, and there we encountered an intrepid young reporter/photographer. Fisher will forever be annoyed by this reminder that for two weeks out … Continue reading

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The rain it raineth every day

I hope rain is good for a new garden. I fear, though, that it will be less than good for the opened bag of potting soil that I think is out in the backyard absorbing some of this sudden torrential … Continue reading

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On getting the Led out

A Saturday morning, bright with promise. But not bright with sunshine, which is too bad, because I had such lofty ambitions for the backyard today. You see, I have suddenly gone Mad for Gardening. Gardening magazines. Gardening TV shows. And … Continue reading

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Three reasons to be happy today

1. We cleaned out the garage yesterday (er, Jim did), which is reason enough to be happy on its own; but in the process, we found an old Merrell shoebox that, when opened, proved to contain my long-lost-and-believed-dead Simple sneakers. … Continue reading

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