Think, think, think*

Well, third time’s the charm. I’ve been tagged as a "Thinking Blogger" three times now, by Mimi, Lori and Brian… so I figured it’s time to quit being such a party-pooper and join in on the high-quality brainiac lovefest.

A disclaimer, though: The Picayune-Democrat is not now, nor has it ever been, designed to make you think. Any thinking that may occur during or after exposure to the Picayune-Democrat is completely coincidental; correlation is not causation. Just because I accidentally think sometimes doesn’t mean that you have to.

And now, on to the thought-provokers! (I would totally include each of my taggers in this list, but tagbacks seem like a wee bit of a copout. Not that I’m not all over the easy copout…)

  1. Balloon Juice, my new favorite political blog. One of the two authors is a repentant/recovering recent Republican, which gives the blog an added note of… poignancy? centrism? schadenfreude?… that I thoroughly enjoy.
  2. Making Light, written by Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editors at Tor Books and two of the most intelligent and insightful commentators out there. Speaking of commentators: the commenters there are truly astonishing in their breadth of knowledge, sense of community and willingness to break into spontaneous villanelles. I read it all the time, but I’m not smart enough to be a regular commenter.
  3. Farm School, though Becky doesn’t post nearly often enough. (Did you hear that, Becky?) Musings on poetry, homeschooling (though she’s a "classical" homeschooler and I’m more of an "anarcho-libertarian" homeschooler) and more. (Also: Life Without School, a group blog about all things homeschool. Five blogs? I mock your artificial numerical constraints!)
  4. Deep Genre, the collaborative effort of several spec-fic writers (Kate Elliott and Carole Berg among them) to bring rigor and thoughtfulness to the creation of non-reality-based fiction.
  5. Go Fug Yourself. I LOVE to think about how celebrities dress funny sometimes. (Seriously. Check out the Chloe Sevigny archives.) Will you hate me if I tell you that this blog’s feed is at the top of my list?

*Extra points if, after reading this title, you now have the "Thinking Chair" song from Blue’s Clues stuck in your head. One of the cutest things Fisher’s ever had in his repertoire was his two-year-old rendition of this song. "Putitinyou notebook… den what do? Sit down in your finking chair and fink, fink, fi-i-ink…"


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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4 Responses to Think, think, think*

  1. Laelaps says:

    Thanks for joining in! I promise I’ll lay off the massive meme-tagging for a bit too.

  2. Becky says:

    Blast you, Molly. Er, I mean thank you. You’re the third TB tag for me too, so I suppose I’ll have to answer the meme now (though am I the only one who finds that little person on the logo creepy?). Since we live on a farm and the warm sunny season up here (six hours north of the US border) is pretty short, my blogging (writing AND reading) gets sporadic beginning in the spring. Plus the kids’ various activities, thankfully coming to a close this week, and some other projects.
    I do have a couple of science posts in the pipeline, though. And now that pesky TB meme (seriously, thanks for the mention)!

  3. Jen Adams Donnelly says:

    Actually, I heard Jimmy Neutron’s rendition of, “Think, Think!” which is always followed with, “Brainblast!” Either way, I watch too much kids tv.

  4. Herm says:

    I got it! I got it. I read it and thought “Fink, fink, fink.” And we were just talking (mom and I) about how Fisher would see a Dinah paw print and say “Loot! A ccllooooo!”

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