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Gaffel och soptunna

Yes! We have succumbed to the siren song of the new Cascade Station IKEA. Went there this morning for a fine and tasty and unbelievably cheap cafe breakfast (eggs/bacon/potatoes 99 cents; beat THAT, Denny’s! Or, better yet: meatballs, glorious meatballs. … Continue reading

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Put me in the zoo

The boys were being magnificently well behaved yesterday, so we decided to reward them with a trip to the zoo. Jim brought his new toy lust object valuable career-building tool–a Leica M8–along to capture the action. The background may look … Continue reading

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Alas, I am too late!

To make travel plans for this year’s Homeschool Day at Dollywood, that is. There’s always next year. I am so not going to miss it next year. I am going to sneak rum into the family homeschool picnic and then … Continue reading

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“Ants! Ants!” she shouted

So I’ve been in Chicago for CHA the last four days. Just sat down at my desk about ten minutes ago. Didn’t leave any food out; no errant coffee cups; no breadcrumbs, not so much as a dried puddle of … Continue reading

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Bus a move

So we are no longer a one-car family. Once upon a time, a thousand or so years ago (well, twelve to eight), Jim and I owned a very fine VW Westfalia camper. It was "Taiga Green" in color, or "Taigagr√ľn" … Continue reading

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A bad kitty

showed up at our house about two weeks ago. We’re not sure where she came from… we just went by the Humane Society one day, and next thing we knew, there she was, hanging out in our living room. Four … Continue reading

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Non-Science Friday: I fell in a hole

…and that’s where I’ve been. ‘Tis my story, and to it I will stick. Sunday is our anniversary–twelve years of wedded bliss. Yay us! Tuesday we leave for a week of familial debauchery in the California wine country. Again, yay … Continue reading

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Heresy! Travesty! Also: analogy

So HarperCollins, the publisher of the Little House books (the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, for the unfortunately uninitiated) has decided to "modernize" them. Apparently, Kids Today are so thoroughly enslaved by Pokemon and Club Penguin and cell phones and glittery … Continue reading

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