Pluttification, a deadline and a meme

Today was Day 2 of the Great Homeschool Experiment–it should’ve been Day 4, but ha ha ha, I’m not really that organized or disciplined of a person. I guess there’s actually been some degree of homeschooling going on every day (since the kids were born, really), but today was only the second day whereupon all my offspring and I sat down with official Lessons to Complete.

We’re currently working on the great and nebulous concept of multiplication, and the first thing to learn is that Mama should not refer to it as "pluttification" if she expects anyone to take it at all seriously. So far, so good–the littluns seem to be wrapping their brains around it nicely, and they can correctly write problems from dictation ("Six… groups… of five. Six… groups… of five.") and figure them out with their trusty teddy bear counters. (We no longer have a full set of 100 teddy bear counters. Apparently someone (Rhys) was using them, on account of their color-coordinated properties, as soldiers in his re-creation of the Clone Wars, and now a couple handfuls of them have gone missing.)

And so to the deadline: the date "12/2/07" popped into my head in the shower (Font Of All Great Ideas) the other day, and it will not depart. D’you think I should try to have the first draft of The Book done by then? Did I crank out a thousand words per day (which, when I’m in the zone, is very much not hard to do), I could make it easily. But then I’d have to actually wriiiiiite instead of just watching tee-veeeeeee  at night when I’m exhausted and the light is dim. Life is hard, boo hoo.

And hence to the meme, courtesy of the amazing and poetic Amy. This is a meme of mindfulness, though she’s not billing it as such, and I would like to become mindful, though that word has all kinds of gushy spiritual connotations which I’d like to avoid as such. So here goes… please feel free to play.

  • Three things in my fridge that define life right now: a jar of Bubbies pickles, crispy and sour and utterly delicious; a thawing batch of sauerbraten from my experiments with "freezer cooking," which represents the ongoing attempt to impose some sort of order and sanity upon my chaotic mudpuddle of a life; half a case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which is the only thing worth drinking on a hot day spent gardening
  • Three recent acquisitions: um, some more books, including the ones I talked about day before yesterday; a headband that I put on once, realized there’s a reason I don’t wear headbands, quickly removed and promptly lost; a darling oversized orange nylon messenger bag from Target that’s become my new best purse
  • Three classics I reach for every day: C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint #1139, a combined gloss/breath freshener about which not enough good things can be said (I own at least one tube for every purse); Laura Mercier Eye Liner, which must be applied with a brush; ummm, I guess my iPod
  • My kids right now, in three words or less: Fisher: lightning-eyed punk. Rhys: one word: Spicoli.
  • My sweetie right now, in three words or less: Sick in bed.
  • What’s on my to-do list: (shuffles through planner) Outline [top-secret project]; write four articles for Feb/Mar issue by the 7th; return 1st grade math curriculum; e-mail Rachel (Hi, Rachel!); mark up mags for strategy meeting; edit and submit "Salamander" story; print travel confirmations; change shuttle reservation; pack for Utah trip; take a box of books in to Powell’s; return library books; mop kitchen; pick rocks out of front yard; rake dirt; order mulch; plant maples; invoice client; install Vonage; can I stop now?
  • What I do often that relates to the season right now: Errrr… sit on the front porch with a glass of wine?
  • What I’m listening to right now: Lots and lots of Of Montreal; also Wilco (whom we saw last night… rocked the freakin’ house) and Explosions in the Sky, ’cause it’s conducive to working. And I’ve been trying to play classical music to stimulate the kids’ brains during lessons, but who am I kidding? They’d way rather listen to the White Stripes, as would I.
  • What I’m worried about right now: Not making enough money, being fat and uncreative, global warming, the ’08 elections, the list goes on…
  • Which news stories I’m following right now: Saber-rattling in the direction of Iran; the ’08 elections; Michael Vick (well, that’s mostly Jim)
  • What I’m reading right now: A People’s History of Science, Unweaving the Rainbow and Dr. Johnson’s London
  • What I’m looking forward to right now: Zara and Aubrie coming to visit us next week, hooray!
  • A thought I keep returning to right now: Nothing is good enough. Got to keep on trying. Got to work a little harder.
  • One small thing that’s making me happy right now: The maples waiting outside for me to plant them. Going to go get ready for that right now (of course, that involves picking rocks, raking dirt and ordering mulch first… sigh)

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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6 Responses to Pluttification, a deadline and a meme

  1. christine says:

    Congrats on the “first” day. I’m the homeschooling fairy, running around the web wishing everyone a happy beginning! 🙂

  2. Lori V. says:

    Speaking of Star Wars, and mindfulness, have you read “The Dharma of Star Wars”? ‘Tis a fantastic read correlating the teachings of Buddha to specific scenes and characters in Star Wars.

  3. Mimi says:

    ooooh, you saw Wilco? Yay you!
    And, I agree – without a shower, I’d have no original thought. Ever.

  4. Ami says:

    Did you get my gmail?
    Homeschool ‘experiment’ becomes a way of life and you get addicted.
    Just so you know.

  5. Laelaps says:

    I hear you about the writing/book deadline. I definitely want to get my first draft done by the time I turn 25 on February 26th (guess what I’ll be doing at 11:59 on the day before?), but it’s hard to sit down and pull out the bits of brain that I’ve soaked with random evolutionary bits of information. I could take the cheaters way out and just copy and paste some posts, but that would make for a rather crappy bit of pop science.

  6. azureavian says:

    must post this meme in my journal, be on the lookout.

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