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Fisher and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day(s)

A good rule for life: Never mess with a boy named Bopeep. Fisher learned this the hard way at day camp the other day. Bopeep, apparently more interested in harassing campmates than finding his sheep, sat down in Fisher’s chair … Continue reading

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Look, look; I’m a book

Which book am I? (via Imperceptibility) You’re Catch-22! by Joseph Heller Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense … Continue reading

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Karl Rove, we hardly knew ye

…but as little as it was, it was still better than we’d have liked. So Turd Blossom is leaving the White House. Huh. I’d feel better about this news if I didn’t have a sneaking feeling he’s off to concentrate … Continue reading

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My life as a Lego

Via Pharyngula (where else): This is what I would look like, were I a daring quasi-goth Lego superheroine. (The coffee cup slogan is a Handsome Family reference.) Lego-fy yourself here; let me know if you do.

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A little about the how of it, or “We don’t need no stinking spelling curriculum”

Well, another day has come and gone, and our ginormous box o’ fun from Rainbow Resource has still not arrived. Also, our homeschool area (a couple of bookshelves and a Gorilla Rack of art supplies) is in sad disarray and in fact mostly hidden behind a mountain of boxes which formerly contained my new computer.
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So Jim and I just nearly came to blows (hee) over this eternal question: Which is a better Dead or Alive song: "You Spin Me Right Round" or "Brand New Lover?" (The correct answer is (b), if you wanted to … Continue reading

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Report on the proceedings of the Jedi Temple Academy

So azureavian asked, in part, i would like to know more about how you go about schooling your kids now you are in a new place. i know at least one of them went to public school part time? do … Continue reading

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