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Getting Sh*t Handled

David Allen is my own personal guru. Not really personally. He wouldn’t know me from a crack in the sidewalk; he wouldn’t know me if I walked up and kicked him in the kneecap. But though we’ve never and probably … Continue reading

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If you were in my movie

…or I were in yours, or… you know, I’m really not sure how that would play out, ontologically speaking. Anyway, via Laelaps, here’s a swell new or trusty old meme, entitled "Soundtrack of my Life." And I’m putting a spin … Continue reading

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I accidentally finished doing all the stuff I needed to get done this week for work (I think… please, nobody tell me otherwise) so I spent half an hour or so screwing around with the Pic-Dem’s design this morning. New … Continue reading

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Science Friday: Another addition to the “details that need to be worked into a story someday” file

From an article in the NYT on the planet’s estimated 3500 disappearing languages: Many of the 113 languages in the region from the Andes Mountains into the Amazon basin are poorly known and are giving way to Spanish or Portuguese, … Continue reading

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Musical interlude

Rhys, just now, to the tune of "Rock the Casbah": "I really do-on’t like itScoopin’ the cat-boxScoopin’ the cat-box" Truer words were never spoken; it is, in every sense of the word, a crap job.

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Encouragement for the unaccomplished, or at least a heavy dose of slacker guilt

Via COD, this article and video about Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, delivering his last lecture. A 43-year-old father of three, he has advanced pancreatic cancer and has been given only a few weeks or months … Continue reading

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…and once again, au revoir

…but not adieu. My mom and I felt the need for some mama-daughter time, so I’m heading out tomorrow for four days in California. My dad’s picking me up from the airport and I get to hang out with him … Continue reading

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Split-level music

Playing upstairs, where I’m working on my computer: Kanye West.Playing downstairs, where Jim was making breakfast: Elvis Costello. And never the twain shall meet.

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Bitter disappointment and the hope of recompense

It was a sickeningly sunny Saturday, and I wanted to go outside. Specifically, I wanted to go outside and read my book. But duty called, and I could not succumb to the call of the (not very) wild. "I will … Continue reading

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Reading outdoors

Jim was just up here wondering why, despite my plethora of deadlines, I’m not getting much work done. "I’m disconsolate," I said. "It’s a beautiful day and I want to go to the bookstore and I have to stay inside … Continue reading

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