…and once again, au revoir

…but not adieu.

My mom and I felt the need for some mama-daughter time, so I’m heading out tomorrow for four days in California. My dad’s picking me up from the airport and I get to hang out with him for a few hours (yay!), then we’re going to the Stockton Symphony tomorrow night with my beloved brother (yay!)… and on Saturday, Mom and I are taking a class in journal-making with rubber stamps at the ever-fantabulous Castle in the Air (yay yay!). Knocking around Berkeley on Sunday, hanging about at ye olde Stocktonian stomping grounds on Monday, then winging back to Portland Monday night.

Hoping also to get to see azureavian; we’ll see if that works out. Whatever shall I wear?

All this travel-related excitement is almost making me forget that for some reason my once so-reliable OpenOffice Writer has crashed and taken my two big fat time-consuming articles for the next issue with it. (Yes, I’d been saving them. No, I didn’t have backups. Why would I back them up, when my Windows machine is so flawlessly reliable ha ha ha?) Almost. But not quite. Maybe this next glass of wine will make me forget; one can only hope.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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6 Responses to …and once again, au revoir

  1. Lori V. says:

    Two things: Get a Mac. And look for Davey Havok (AFI, Blacq Audio) in Berkeley and make cow eyes at him for me. 🙂
    Have fun!

  2. Mimi says:

    Ooooh, sounds so awesome. Where is Castle in the Air? I’ve never even heard of it?
    And, have an awesome time. I LOVE Berkeley. We even went there for our Honeymoon.

  3. Herm says:

    Sniff…I should be there, too. I will be, in a week. But then you won’t!

  4. stephanie t. says:

    Ok Molly…you suck!!(she said with jealous admiration)
    Berkeley is in my back yard and I STILL can’t manage to get to Castles in the Air!! If Ulla is teaching, you’re in for a real treat!!
    Girl…you are SO freakin’ lucky to have your mom and ‘home’ to go back to. I’d give me eye teeth to have one more day…

  5. Elf says:

    1. Stockton. You willingly go? When my mother still had her house in Stockton it S*still* takes threats, cajoling, and a bribe from at least six people. With Paul, Mike, and Mike and Deb, we’re up to four.
    [Note : Anyone with accurate information RE : The Final And True Demise of Blackwater Cafe would be appreciated.]
    2. Ok it might be worth it for Castles in the Air (there’s the bribe).
    3. OpenOffice? You use OpenOffice for work? Suddenly I see you in a whole new light.
    4. Im expending a great deal of effort to not take a Jab at that “go buy a Mac” comment. Perhaps I’ll address it on my own blog. And no, I have nothing against Macs since they’re PCs running BSD they’re acceptable now. Oops (jab).

  6. azureavian says:

    so sorry i couldn’t get together with you. ::is unhappy::
    must do so some other time perhaps. Friday wore me out and Sunday was busy, today is good, but ripe with workweekblahness. you have my home phone, use it! hehe.
    btw, is your number i have a cell or home? didn’t know to where i was calling.

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