If you were in my movie

…or I were in yours, or… you know, I’m really not sure how that would play out, ontologically speaking.

Anyway, via Laelaps, here’s a swell new or trusty old meme, entitled "Soundtrack of my Life." And I’m putting a spin on it, because following directions is harrrrrrd.

Says Brian:

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?
So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle/random
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie!
*Optional: Add in a YouTube video or two (if there is one) for some of
the songs, or even some sample lyrics to flesh things out a bit

Now, soundtracks are something I think about all the time. More specifically, the theoretical soundtrack to my theoretical zombie movie Z-fer Madness. (I re-watched the last two-thirds of Reefer Madness the other day… what a towering cinematic/propagandistic achievement that film was.) Right now, I think "Rainbow Connection"–the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version–would be the perfect track for the ending credits.

So naturally, I couldn’t pass up on such an, er, fertile-sounding territory.

Let the randomness commence!

Opening credits: M. Ward, "It Won’t Happen Twice" (Are you promising me, M.?)
Waking up: Tom Waits, "Blind Love"
(Sez Tom: "It’s the only kind of love.")
First day of school: Beirut, "Postcards from Italy"
(Oh goody! Now all the people whom I frustrated by failing to provide the "Prenzlauerberg" lyrics can come back and get annoyed that I don’t have the "Postcards from Italy" lyrics either!)
Falling in love: Neil Young, "Old King" (now you know fer sure I’m not just skipping through to more appropriate songs… though this song does include the immortal lines "Then I thought about the times we had/Once when I kicked him when he was bad.")

Fight song: Jimi Hendrix, "All Along the Watchtower"

Breaking up: The Clash, "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (Seriously, I didn’t have to tweak this one at all.)

Prom: Tom Waits, "The Part You Throw Away" (that must’ve been the saddest freakin’ prom ever)

Life: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan" (opening line: "I live for drugs. It’s great. It’s great." Huh.)

Driving: Queen, "We Are The Champions"

Flashback: Radiohead, "Like Spinning Plates"

Getting back together:
Laurie Anderson, "Poison" (now that bodes well… hmmm, here’s the video to "O Superman." I’d never seen it before, and it’s freakin’ creepy.)

Wedding: Soul Coughing, "$300" (" ‘How much?’/ She said, ‘For three hundred dollars I’ll do it.’ ")
Party: The Roots, "The Seed 2.0." (Embedding disabled… silly YouTube!… but totally worth watching anyway, regardless of whether or not you know the song.)
Birth of a child: Ima Robot, "Creeps Me Out." (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.)

Final battle: Skinny Puppy, "Convulsion." (I had no idea there was a video for this–actually, I guess it’s the stage screening that plays behind them as they perform the show live.)

Funeral song:
They Might Be Giants, "Piece of Dirt." (Ow, the appropriateness is painful.)
Ending credits: Nick Drake, "Black Eyed Dog." (Lyrics and a video featuring the song paired with someone else’s paintings.)

OK, so there were one or two that I skipped ahead on, though only to find a song or an artist I thought there was a chance y’all might’ve heard of. (Do you know "Your Lover Remains Dead" by Stars? No? You should… really, it’s a fine song.) But overall… dang. I now want to write a screenplay that goes with this soundtrack.

As always, LMKIYP, etc., etc. Thanks, Brian! You kept me from embarking on "Celebrity Musings, Part II: Did Justin Timberlake In Fact Bring Sexy Back? And If So, Who Had Absconded With It In The First Place?"

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Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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4 Responses to If you were in my movie

  1. Laelaps says:

    Wonderful Molly! I have to admit that I skipped a track for a song or two just because I didn’t want double of the same artist, but the chance aspect can make it more fun/funny. If I were picking things intentionally the list would have been different, but I think it turned out ok (“Superstition” ending up as the “Break Up Song” was oddly appropriate, just like “Gone” for the “Funeral Song”).
    Thanks for passing this along though; you definitely have a more varied taste in music than I do, although I would quite like to know who was the clepto that stole sexy and the details of why it had to be returned to us, hah.

  2. Laelaps says:

    And I love the new banner by the way… very nice!

  3. Mimi says:

    I did that before, it is amazing how appropriate some of the songs – death song “In the Belly of the Whale” anyone?

  4. Elf says:

    Damn I’m in a crunch. To reply to your comment on my blog, I Love ya’ for using OpenOffice. WAY points. Good stuff.

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