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Split-level music

Playing upstairs, where I’m working on my computer: Kanye West.Playing downstairs, where Jim was making breakfast: Elvis Costello. And never the twain shall meet.

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Bitter disappointment and the hope of recompense

It was a sickeningly sunny Saturday, and I wanted to go outside. Specifically, I wanted to go outside and read my book. But duty called, and I could not succumb to the call of the (not very) wild. "I will … Continue reading

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Reading outdoors

Jim was just up here wondering why, despite my plethora of deadlines, I’m not getting much work done. "I’m disconsolate," I said. "It’s a beautiful day and I want to go to the bookstore and I have to stay inside … Continue reading

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Science Friday: not dead yet

OK, OK, so there’s only ever been one other Science Friday on this blog, and the others have kinda sorta failed to materialize. But the angels of Serendip have conspired (wow, how unscientific is that?) to bring several interesting sciencey-type … Continue reading

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Thieves, music and ruminations on happiness

So what? Y’all don’t want me to be happy? That’s fine, I guess… *humph* Thieves.Jim had his first honest-to-goodness, get-real-paid project since moving to Portland yesterday. He took photos of a blues band whose name I cannot remember right now, … Continue reading

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