T-t-t-t-Tuesday Ten

Lori did it, and I’ve been feeling blogatorially challenged, so now I’m doing it too. With pictures. (As ever: all photos by James Newman. Thanks, sweetie!)

  1. The garden is in! The garden is in! Well, most of it, anyway. I’m going to map out what I’ve planted where, take some pictures, and maybe even post them here. Yeah, we’ll see. I did get about 80 bulbs in the ground yesterday, plus creeping thyme, sage and coreopsis… and a bunch of transplants from the unlovely next-to-the-house beds to the slightly less unlovely middle of the mulch-covered yard.
  2. Solitude. I had a big ol’ chunk of it last week; the boys (Jim, Fisher & Rhys) flew out to Colorado on Tuesday, and Jim returned home with the $&@#@$!! as-yet-unsold Land Rover late on Friday night. (Anybody want to buy a $&@#@$!! Land Rover?) All alone for four days/three nights; I don’t know if I’ve ever been by myself in the house all night before, at least not since we had kids. I was going to blog about it in hopes of getting a little reassurance from my Beloved Commenters, but then I thought "y’know, I really have no idea who is reading this blog" and so I kept it to myself. And then I realized that the Home Depot clerk from whom I’d bought a dishwasher on Tuesday knew that I was home alone and also had my delivery address conveniently written down right in front of him, and I scared myself dreadfully for a couple of hours until I convinced the cats to sleep with me. Because they would totally be a big help in a fight for my life with an armed intruder.
  3. A musical weekend! We went to the Doug Fir on Saturday and saw Dat’r (our favoritest local band), Foreign Born (they were just OK, but their guitarist was pretty cute) and Datarock (Norwegian guys in crazy red tracksuits! Woo-hoo!). This is Dat’r:

    And this is Datarock:
  4. Then we went to the Crystal Ballroom on Sunday and saw a fun psychedelicore Sabbath-stoney Seattle band called Whalebones opening up for Jason Lytle (formerly of Grandaddy) and M. Ward. Jason Lytle had kind of a sort of a breakdown on stage. It was dreadful; he said "I’m really getting tired of this acoustic shit" and was loudly taunted by the crowd. Grandaddy was an amazing band, and their songs as performed by a dispirited former lead singer were just heartbreakingly crappy. I kind of wanted to give him a hug and whisper "Get the band back together" in his ear. But M. Ward was awesome enough to almost make up for Jason’s sub-lackluster performance. Here’s Jason Lytle in all his non-glory:
  5. I wrapped the BLT’s bumper around a pole because I was looking for bicyclists when I was backing up. Yay me! I am a safe, wise and cautious driver.
  6. We went to a parallel universe! Actually, it was just the parking garage at 15th and Burnside. We parked there Saturday night before the M. Ward show and spent the next ten minutes wandering up and down hallways that led to nowhere, trying frantically to find a way out of the building. There was one door hanging a few inches open, and we could hear a radio playing beyond it… but when we tried to push it open, we discovered there was a concrete curb four or five inches on the other side of the doorway. Ultimately, we had to go through a series of Emergency Exits ("Alarm Will Sound") to emerge, blinking, out on the refreshingly uncomplicated street.
  7. Apparently, someone else got so lost in this parking garage some time ago that s/he just gave up and went away sans car. And I guess the garage was too much of a maze for the attendants to point a tow truck in the abandoned vehicle’s direction.
  8. I got a new haircut this morning. Well, actually, it was just a trim updating this haircut, which I got a few weeks ago. Just had to share this picture because Jim took it at Lupa, which has the best portrait lighting of any place in Portland. Or at least of any wine bar. Look at that smooth, flawless skin which is so very neither smooth nor flawless in real life! Molly1007_2
  9. Joe and Karan are coming to see us tomorrow! Plus a very special guest visit by the Jac & Mike Show! The safe-n-sane hedonism is just palpable. Yay friends!
  10. And last, but not least: we discovered the world’s only known 100%-effective form of birth control at Fred Mayer this weekend. After the jump…

Tired of your mate’s "friendly" advances when you come to bed? Finding that slobbing around the house in sweats isn’t enough to cool his/her ardor? Just pull on your new Camo Footie Jammies and prepare for your life to change. Your sweetie will have a tough enough time just finding you… and if he does happen to stumble across you, the mere sight of this garment will be enough to put him off sex for weeks. And weeks.

(Yes, I can tell this is a kid-sized garment. But there were lady-sized ones hanging on that rack; I swear there were. And they were in the Ladies’ Nether Garments department.)

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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5 Responses to T-t-t-t-Tuesday Ten

  1. Mimi says:

    Sounds like life is good. I don’t want a LandRover, but thanks for asking.
    Ooooh, and love your hair!

  2. Helena says:

    I think I may have provided some birth control at Fred Meyer just this morning, dragging my screaming offspring out of the store.

  3. Lori V. says:

    God, Molly… do you realize (heheheh, I said “Do you realize…”) what a fantastic respite from insanity you are?
    Loving the haircut!

  4. Amy Sorensen says:

    CUTE hair. No, not cute, sophisticated and writerly in a cool sort of way. I’ll quit now. But I’m also giggling at Helena’s comment. I do that every time I take Kaleb anywhere! He’s all the Socialized Birth Control our country needs! 😉

  5. Amy Sorensen says:

    ps, by “no, not cute” I mean “‘cute’ is a lame word, I can certainly come up with a better one.” I should be banned from blogs when I’m up late and feeling punchy!!!

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