Doris Lessing: best response ever

Is that not exactly the perfect response to discovering one has won the Nobel Prize for Literature?

This was a bookatarian weekend, since we had houseguests who love and appreciate the Powell’s phenomenon. We went to the Burnside store on Saturday and–wonder of wonders!–I didn’t buy anything. But I made up for that yesterday when we went to the Hawthorne store and I bought

  • The Best Science and Nature Writing 2007 (because I’m going to be a science writer when I grow up. Look for writeups on some of these articles soon, maybe. Also, this is the only one I bought that wasn’t either used or on sale. Such virtue! Buy that girl another book.)
  • Walter Wangerin Jr.’s The Book of the Dun Cow (because I’ve been hearing for some time that I should read it; it’s 25 years old and won the National Book Award when it was published… who knew?)
  • Elaine Pagels’ The Origin of Satan (Jac bought it too! We’ll have to compare notes, once she chews through the roughly 37 other books she bought this weekend, ha ha ha. Pagels is one of my favorite authors on religious history.)
  • Donald Antrim’s Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World (picked up because I liked the cover and then purchased because it had both laudatory blurbs from the SF Chron, the NYT and the New Yorker and a passionately-written shelf tag, and plus I just dig funny books)

Thereby bringing my unread-books total to, erm, roughly 370 or so. But we’re getting rid of satellite TV so I’ll be able to get more reading done at night. (The evil glow-box! It sucks me in! Must… watch… "We Are The ’80s!" Must… watch… every single freakin’ midnight-or-later showing of "Ferris Bueller!")

Also, I joined a book group–"Women Reading Women." We’re alternating between full-length novels and short stories, all by–natch–women. First novel: Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop. Starting off nice and light and accessible, don’t you think?


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Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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4 Responses to Doris Lessing: best response ever

  1. Helena says:

    We had a bookish weekend too. Sort of. Went up to Seattle for yet anther book signing. We have to stop dragging Kate along on these things, because it means Doug doesn’t get to hear any of the reading.
    I was listening to CBC radio the other day and heard an interview with Bernice Morgan about her new book Cloud of Bone, and now I’m thinking I should buy a copy for our library because I doubt they would ever get it, and I think more people should know about the Beothuks.

  2. Amy Sorensen says:

    Oh my gosh—this made me laugh. I LOVE Doris Lessing (have you ever read her novel Mara and Dann? I think you’d totally get it) and adore this response. So non-author-in-the-public-eye-ish. But also so…authorish, somehow! 😉

  3. Lori V. says:

    The long version is neat, too… so unpretentious… spunky dame… I like!

  4. Mimi says:

    We were at Powells this past weekend for our Book Club meeting (one of our members lives near Powells).
    I also just picked up “Book of the Dun Cow” but it hasn’t hit the top of my To read pile.
    I’m blushing because I’ve actually never read Doris Lessing. Shame, shame.

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