Homeschooling secularly

The first issue of Secular Homeschooling rolled off the printers yesterday, and publisher/editor Deborah Markus has put up a couple of the articles online. Including this initially disheartening, yet ultimately encouraging one about a Southern California homeschooling mother’s struggle to help her son enroll in community college.

Congratulations, Deborah! Can’t wait to get the first issue in my hands! (I’m especially looking forward to the article on video games–we’re currently in the market for fun, yet educational PC games like Civilization… got any recommends?–and the one titled "Mom Found In Corner Sucking Thumb: Story at Six.")

Maybe I’ll send her an article about what fun it is being the parent of the insane child who goes into unpredictable rage fits in the middle of music class at the homeschool resource center. And how confusing it is when three days  later that child is blithely hippity-hopping up the Multnomah Falls trail at the elbow of the same homeschool resource center’s resident naturalist, soaking up all the information she (and his plant-lovin’ uncle) have to offer about the local flora and fauna, even stopping perfectly still for five full minutes to watch chickadees and kinglets play next to the path.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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